Recover Samsung Evo Micro SD Card Data

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Samsung Inc. grabs first position in producing unique and advanced storage devices. One of the Samsung removable storage components that include many eye-capturing features is Evo Micro SD card. This Samsung Evo Micro SD card is high performance portable storage device, which offers Ultra High Speed capturing of photos, 48MB data transfer speed as well as protects your precious data from extreme temperatures, water, X-Rays, magnetic affects and like on.

The only common advantage and disadvantage of Samsung Evo Micro SD card is its simple internal architecture. Due to simple structure one can use this Evo Micro SD card on any device without any software installation and also it is easy to carry the SD card anywhere. However, straightforward configuration of Samsung Evo Micro SD card might even result in its corruption and loss of data stored in it.

Samsung Evo Micro SD card get corrupt and leads to data loss due to various reasons such as virus attack, abrupt removal of the device while accessing its data on system or other devices, using the same card on different devices and others. You might also face loss or deletion of files and folders from Evo Micro SD card due to accidental formatting, unintentionally pressing “Delete All” or “Delete” buttons, interruption while transferring data from Micro SD to system and many more.

How to restore data from Samsung Evo Micro SD card?

In case you searching about how to recover data from Samsung Evo Micro SD card, then the relevant solution would be Yodot Photo Recovery software. This application is appropriate media file recovery tool which restores data from Samsung Evo Micro SD card on Windows system. It can brings back deleted or lost photo files, music files, video files, text files and others from Evo Micro SD card easily. Apart from Samsung Evo Micro SD card, this tool also rescues data from various memory card brands, hard disk, pen drives, portable hard drives and other storage components. You can even regain RAW image files captured using different digital cameras brands like Samsung, Nikon, Sony, Canon, Kodak, Fuji, Olympus and so on. Including Samsung, this software supports restoration of data from Micro SD card that introduced by Transcend, Kingston, SanDisk, Sony, HP, Lexar, Kingston and other manufacturers. The tool is compatible with Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, Server 2008 and 2003 operating systems.

Track the steps mentioned below to rescue data from Samsung Evo Micro SD card:

  • Download Yodot Photo Recovery tool and install it to Windows desktop / laptop
  • Attach the Samsung Evo Micro SD card that Windows PC via USB or card reader
  • Open the application and follow the precise instructions
  • Use “Deleted Photo Recovery” or “Lost Photo Recovery” option to get back files and folders based on the data loss scenario
  • The software scans and displays all the internal and external partitions or drives present in that computer
  • Select the external drive which represents Evo Micro SD card and click on “Next”
  • The program scans the Samsung Evo Micro SD card and displays all the recoverable data from it
  • Mark the files and folders which you want to retrieve back
  • Save the rescued files to your desired location, although not to the same Samsung Evo Micro SD card which will result in overwriting of the original data

Instructions to Follow:

  • Preserve backup of Samsung Evo Micro SD card data regularly on system or other storage components
  • Do not use Evo Micro SD memory card after data loss or deletion to evade data overwriting
  • Stay away from using Samsung Evo Micro SD memory card on various counterfeit devices

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