SanDisk Memory Card Data Recovery Software

The SanDisk memory card is typically used for storing pictures, videos and music files on various digital devices. SanDisk manufactures various types of memory cards which have storage capacity from 2 to 64 GB with pre-formatted FAT16 or FAT32 file system. However there are many issues in which users might data from SanDisk memory cards. They are highly volatile to data corruption, due to which you may not find any content on SanDisk memory card.

What causes loss of media files from SanDisk memory card?

  • Severe virus or malware attack on your SanDisk memory card infects file system and entire data present in it becomes inaccessible
  • Abruptly pulling out SanDisk memory card from your camera while the writing process is going on can make you lose files from it
  • Power surges, system shutdown, disconnecting memory card and other interruptions while moving files from SanDisk memory card to computer causes loss of data
  • Unexpected formatting of the card on camera or when it is connected to computer is another reasons for loss of files from SanDisk memory card
  • Saving files when card is full on memory, system issues while accessing files would likely corrupt from SanDisk memory card, which shows various error messages when you try to use it

When you notice that your photos, videos, audio files and other files have been deleted from SanDisk media card, switch off the device and take it out. If you continue to use the storage drive that contains SanDisk Media card, then you are risking complete data loss or you will have a very low chance of recovering back your precious data. Therefore stop using SanDisk card after encountering data loss and opt for right card recovery tool if you want to restore and view files whatever you lost from your memory card.

SanDisk memory card recovery program:

Yodot Photo Recovery provides safe data restoration and also an interactive interface which assists you to recover pictures, audios, videos from SanDisk memory card. Once you install the software and connect your card, it will search for the card and also files present in it. This software takes special care of your deleted and lost data and preview all files before saving them. It provides two options namely “Data Type” and “File Type” in order to make your selection easy. It also facilitates option to save recovered files in a location that you desire. Apart from Sandisk memory card recovery, it will assists to do compact flash memory recovery and other flash card recovery.

Steps to get back files from SanDisk memory card

  • First of all, remove SanDisk card from your camera, mobile and connect it to your computer with the help of a card reader
  • Now download Yodot Photo Recovery software and install it to your computer
  • Once the software gets installed to your computer, run it in order to start the recovery process
  • As soon as you run the software, you can see two options on the main screen they are “Deleted Photo Recovery” and “Lost Photo recovery”
  • Choose any one based on data loss situation you have faced
  • Once the selection is done, the software checks and displays all the drives present in your system. Select the drive that represents SanDisk memory card and click on “Next”
  • Now the software displays the files present in the drive that have been chosen
  • Select the files that you want to recover by making use of two view types i.e. “Data Type” and “File Type”
  • View the files by making use of preview option in order to confirm that you have selected right one to recover
  • Finally select the location to save the recovered files

Useful Tips:

  • Keep your system free from virus by installing and updating anti-spyware software
  • It is better to avoid performing file transfer process when there is repeated power fluctuations
  • Make sure that you don’t save valuable file in damaged or broken memory card
  • Inappropriate ejection of the SanDisk media card should be avoided