Get Back Data from Kingston SD Card

“I have 8 GB Kingston SD memory card in which I have stored huge amount of data. Yesterday night I connected it to my Windows computer to save few important files as a backup copy. But while transferring files, something went wrong and system stopped working. Then I forcefully switched off the system even though Kingston SD card was plugged in. Few minutes later I restarted my computer to resume the transfer process. But I was shocked to see that the drive that represented Kingston SD card displayed an error message that “Card needs to be formatted”. When I checked properties, it shows free space as “0” byte and the file system as “RAW”. I don’t know what exactly I should do now. I need those files back at any cost. Please help me!!!!”

In the above situation the file system of the Kingston SD Card got corrupted as a result of forceful shutdown. Hence computer could not recognize SD card’s file system and displays as free space of “0” byte, even though the data is still present in it. However you can access data on SD card, but for that you need to apt SD card recovery tool.

Kingston Secure Digital (SD) card is a popular SD card designed to fit in digital cameras, mobile phones and other portable devices. Like other memory cards, it is also used widely due to its small size, ease of use, portability and high compatibility. One of the peculiar feature of SD card is that it can be can be locked in write protect mode that prevents you or others from accidentally deleting or copying over important files. Apart from above explained scenario, there are various other circumstances in which your essential data may get lost from Kingston SD card.

Causes behind file loss from Kingston SD card

  • If you copy a file from Kingston SD card and delete it before pasting to the desired location then you will lose it
  • Removing Kingston SD memory card from computer without using “Eject” option could results in file loss
  • Reformatting Kingston SD memory card by changing its file system from FAT to NTFS would erase entire data
  • Accidental formatting of Kingston SD memory card instead of unwanted drive is one of the major cause for data loss from Kingston SD card

Kingston SD card recovery tool

Yodot Photo Recovery is one of the stupendous card recovery software which can recover files from Kingston SD memory card without damaging them. It is completely scans Kingston SD memory card to restore media files after irrespective of how data is lost. This application will also be useful in other circumstances when you wonder where are my files moved from SD card, pen drive, memory stick or any other external device. This image recovery software has the potential to get photos, videos, songs and other files from Kingston SD memory card and users can preview recovered media files. Along with Kingston SD memory card, you can recover files from other brands of memory cards such as, SanDisk, Transcend, Samsung, etc on Windows operating system. Mac users can utilize Yodot Mac Photo Recovery tool to restore files from Kingston SD card on their Mac OS X based systems.

Steps to recover Kingston SD memory card files

  • Connect Kingston SD memory card to your system with the help of a card reader
  • Download Yodot Photo Recovery Software and once the download process gets over, install it in your computer
  • Now execute the software and go according to the steps provided on the recovery tool
  • Once the main screen comes up, you can see two options, one is “Deleted Photo Recovery” and the other is “Lost Photo Recovery”
  • Select anyone based on the requirement and then choose the drive that represents Kingston SD memory card
  • The software now starts scanning and displays all the recoverable files that are present in the selected SD card
  • Choose the media files that you want to retrieve and click on “Next” to continue

Tips to get rid of SD card data loss

  • Do not shutdown your computer while transferring data from Kingston SD memory card to computer
  • Right click on the drive that indicates Kingston SD memory card  and then select the option “Eject” while disconnecting
  • Never delete any file unless you make sure that it is not needed for future use

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