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Restore Data from Lexar Compact Flash Card

Memory cards are the most used digital storage media among various electronic gadgets. One of the well known manufacturers of memory cards is Lexar. Lexar produces SD cards, Memory Sticks, XQD cards, CF cards and other digital media products. Powered with high-speed read / write capacity, Lexar Compact Flash card is capable of storing huge data up to 128GB. However, these CF cards are also prone to data disasters caused in various circumstances. Let us see one right below.

Consider that you use Lexar 32GB Compact Flash card on your digital camera to save captured pictures. After returning back from a long trip you connected the Lexar CF card on desktop to copy all pictures from it. But, instead of clicking for Scan option you accidentally clicked on Format option that erased all data on memory card. You were frustrated for losing your favorite pictures from the flash card. What will you do now? Don’t worry; here is the best solution for situations like this. Read further and find the way to get back data from Lexar Compact Flash memory card. Prior to that, go through few data loss scenarios associated with Lexar CF card as explained below:

  • Card corruption: CF card can get corrupt due to damaged file system, mishandling of the card and so on that results in inaccessibility of data saved on it
  • Interruptions while transferring card data: While moving files from / to CF card connected on system due to interruptions like removal of card, power loss to the system, etc. will lead to loss of those moving files
  • Wrong usage of CF card: Using same Compact Flash card on multiple gadgets can cause card corruption due to which data on it becomes unreachable
  • Other causes: Deletion of wrong files, connecting the card to virus infected system, accidentally formatting / reformatting the card, unintended clicking on Erase All option on digital gadget, etc. will lead to disastrous data loss from Lexar CF card

In various conditions, one might feel that data from Lexar CF card is completely lost / erased. But, with the use of best card recovery tool, lost data can be retrieved back easily if the card is not used further after data loss situation. Want to know how, read further.

How to perform Lexar Compact Flash card recovery?

Lost / erased data on Lexar Compact Flash cards is not permanently removed; it is just made invisible to the OS by erasing registry entries of those files. Hence, if the CF card is not overwritten with new data, one can effortlessly restore Lexar CG card files with the use of one of the best card data recovery program i.e. Yodot Photo Recovery.

Outstanding features of Lexar Compact Flash recovery tool:

Build with advanced scanning techniques, Yodot Photo Recovery effortlessly scans Lexar Compact Flash card after any data loss scenario and finds all lost data on it. Besides this, in instances where in Lexar flash drive stopped working, Sony camera showing HDD format error, multimedia files disappearing from computer etc. this application proves to be useful. Powerful recovery algorithms of this restoration tool can extract all types of files like pictures, songs, video files, etc. from formatted and corrupted Compact Flash card of Lexar and other brands on both Windows and Mac OS. It also supports recovery of data from other memory cards and storage devices like hard drive, portable hard disk, USB drive, etc. without any difficulty. The software provides separate programs for both Windows and Mac users; Windows version supports Vista, XP, 2003, 2008, 7 and Windows 8 platforms, whereas Mac version supports Lexar CF card data recovery on Mac OS X Leopard, Snow Leopard and Lion.

Steps to retrieve files from Lexar CF memory card on Windows OS:

  • Connect the affected Compact Flash card externally on to a Windows system
  • Download Windows version of Yodot Photo Recovery program on to that system
  • Then install and run the utility by following ongoing steps
  • Next, in the main screen select “Deleted Photo Recovery” / “Lost Photo Recovery” option according to data loss situation
  • In the upcoming screen, make selection for the drive representing  Lexar CF memory card
  • Then, select the file types that you wish to recover, else mark all file types by default
  • On clicking next, scanning process starts to identify all recoverable files
  • After completion of scanning process, you can save recovery session for further usage
  • Then preview the restored files from Data view / File Type view window
  • Next, specify a destination location on the system to save these retrieved files (Never save on the same card)

Important Note:

  • Maintain proper backup of files to get rid of accidental data loss scenarios
  • Do not use same Lexar CF memory card on different gadgets that results in card corruption
  • Use proper antivirus program to treat malicious virus infection to the card

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