Get Back Media Files from SD Card

“After returning from trip, I inserted my camera’s SD card to my computer in order to transfer photos and videos which I have taken during my vacation. But SD card did not get recognized on my computer. I have removed it from computer and inserted to my camera; but it failed to mount on camera as well. Don’t know what is wrong with my SD card. Can someone please help me to get back those media files from my SD card? I hope to get a positive answer.”

The modern era is typified by daily consumption and creation of digital files that includes photos, videos as well as music. If these files plays major role, then question about storage device arises to store those media files. Hence, many users prefer storing their media files in SD card as it has become very popular nowadays. But you might encounter situation like above that cause loss of media files on SD memory card. However, it is not big deal actually!!! After losing media files, if have not used your SD card to save new files, you can be rest assured to recover them with the utilization of SD card recovery software.

Few reasons behind loss of media files from SD card:

  • Modern Smartphones comes up with option named ‘Unmount SD card’. If you do not click upon this option at the time of removing it from your cell phone, then files present in it will likely to get disappeared
  • Accidentally formatting SD card while formatting some other partition on your computer from “Disk Management utility” will remove entire data from SD card
  • Virus, malware or spyware attacks on SD card may sometimes corrupts its file system hich displays error message and deny access to media files saved on it
  • Sometimes one may accidentally delete important files from SD card by seeing ‘Memory card full’ error message over the device or when SD card is inserted into it

Media file recovery software for SD card:

As far as the best card recovery software is concerned, Yodot Photo Recovery is the leading software to regain media files from SD card used on digital camera, cell phone, multimedia player and so on. It can recover files after SD card is full or inaccessible error, SD card is not mounted, SD card is inaccessible, SD card is full, SD card is blank or other SD card error messages. It can help you to regain data from corrupted, formatted and damaged SD card on both Mac and Windows computer. It performs read only operation without altering or adding any data to target drive. If you are using Mac computer and want to restore media files from SD card on Mac, then separate version of this tool is available named Yodot Mac Photo Recovery software that can easily scan and recover media files from SD card within fraction of minutes. It supports all brands of SD card including Lexar, Transcend, SanDisk, Toshiba, Kingston, and many more.

Regain media files from SD card by going through following steps:

  • Attach SD card to your computer by making use of adaptor
  • Download and install Yodot Photo Recovery software by clicking on “Download now” link
  • Follow procedure to install the software and run it to commence the media file recovery
  • Choose anyone option out of the two i.e. “Deleted Photo Recovery” and “Lost Photo Recovery”
  • Now select SD card; click upon “Next” and permit the software to scan the drive
  • Mark particular file types to choose for recovering from SD card;  otherwise click upon “Skip” to select all files by default
  • Utilize two view types namely “Data View” and “File Type View” for easy selection
  • Preview your media files like photos, videos and music for confirmation
  • At last save them in a safe and accessible location on your computer or on external storage drive

Useful Suggestions:

  • Transfer entire data to your computer when the device containing SD card displays “Memory full” message
  • Always click on “Unmount SD card” option  at the time of removing SD card from your device
  • Never format SD card unless and until you keep backup of its data

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