Retrieve Data from Micro SD Card after Fatal Errors

Micro SD card is a well-known compact flash memory device to hold data from various digital gadgets. Its huge storage space can store vast data like pictures, movies, songs and other files on compatible devices. Yet, there are certain times wherein micro SD card becomes inaccessible by displaying fatal error messages. This mostly occurs when using micro SD card on blackberry mobile.

Micro SD card may show various fatal errors such as:

Most of the camera manufacturers rely on SD cards for extended storage space. Canon is one such DLSR camera brands that use SD card as their default storage location for saving and transferring photos as well as videos other sources. Conversely sometimes photos stored on Canon SD card may tend to get delete due to number of reasons; below mentioned are few of them:

All these fatal errors with MicroSD card suggest that card is severely corrupted and data on it is inaccessible. Various factors that cause MicroSD card fatal errors are:

When MicroSD card undergoes any of these circumstances, it will display fatal error message and blocks access to data present in it. Sometimes, it may even become undetectable on gadget or on computer. To recover data from micro SD card that shows fatal error. In this kind of situations, one should prefer using third party memory card recovery program.

Micro SD card fatal error recovery software:

Suggested by many data recovery professionals, Yodot Photo recovery is the best utility to bring back data from micro SD card showing fatal error. This software has ability to restore vivid file types of music, images, videos and RAW photos from corrupted, inaccessible or unrecognized micro SD card that display various error messages. In addition, it also assists in recovering files from locked micro SD card on mobile phones, MP3 players, cameras and other digital gadgets. Apart from micro SD card, this application can restore media files from flash memory cards, USB pen drive, SSD, internal hard drives, portable hard disks and other storage media. It works on computers running with Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2008 and 2003 OS versions. Mac users can make use of Yodot Mac Photo Recovery tool to perform media file retrieval from MicroSD card showing fatal error message on Mac OS X Mavericks, Mountain Lion, Lion, Leopard and Snow Leopard versions. Along with restoring data from Micro SD card when you are facing fatal error, the utility helps you to retrive data from SD or TF cards when you are experiencing SD/TF card error.

Follow these steps to get data from micro SD after fatal error:

Beware of these facts:

  • Avoid mishandling of micro SD card that may cause fatal error
  • Use safely remove option and do not abruptly remove micro SD card from gadgets / computer
  • Overcome any type of micro SD card corruption by regularly taking backup of required files from it

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