Retrieving Partition from Micro SD Card

“I am unable to access my micro SD card partition when I connect it to my PC or on my camera. A message pops out stating that MicroSD card partition is corrupted and cannot be accessed. I can format partition to get back access or reuse it for data storage; but I don’t want to lose media files saved on it. Is there any possibility to regain files from MicroSD card partition even after formatting? Please provide me right solution. Thanks!”

MicroSD card is the most common storage media that is used in almost all electronic gadgets to store and access media files quite easily. So, what if you face a real time scenario as discussed earlier that causes inaccessibility of MicroSD card partition? No worries! There are many ways for retrieving data from MicroSD card partition. Before that find out some issues that can result in loss or deletion of partition from MicroSD card as listed below:

  • Sudden system shutdown or abrupt removal of MicroSD card from camera or from system when files are being viewed or transferred from it computer could cause loss of partition from it
  • Accidental formatting of MicroSD card without proper backup causes severe data loss from its partition
  • Usage of Micro SD card on different systems without proper antivirus protection can corrupt it resulting in missing of its partition
  • Corruption of MicroSD card due to virus or malware attacks can render loss of partition from MicroSD card

To overcome the above issues, it is suggested that user must always keep backup copy of important files saved on MicroSD card on more than one storage media. If you have not maintained data backup, then utilize proper MicroSD card data recovery tool to know how to recover data from lost or deleted partition from Micro SD card.

Micro SD card partition recovery tool:

Yodot Photo Recovery software is top most application for getting back deleted / lost data from Micro SD card partition in less duration on Windows or Mac system. This tool comes with simple list of options that gets back music files, videos, RAW images and other file formats from your micro SD card partition. Apart from it can also retrieve erased or missing media files from microSD card showing RAW file system on your Windows or Mac operating systems.You can also restore data from formatted MicroSD card, corrupted, unreadable or RAW MicroSD card due to any reason on Windows as well as Mac platforms.

simple steps for extracting Micro SD partition:

  • Download and install Yodot Photo Recovery software in healthy Windows computer
  • Launch the program and from main screen click on ‘Deleted Photo Recovery’ or ‘Lost Photo Recovery’
  • After clicking on the desired option, from the next screen select Micro SD card from which partition is deleted or lost
  • Upon selecting micro SD card, mark required file types that needs to be recovered
  • At last initiate scanning of MicroSD card
  • Once it gets completed, user can view list of recovered files in ‘Data View’ of ‘File Type View’ format
  • Select and save required files to available storage location on computer or on any external storage media

Helpful Suggestions:

  • Backup important data that was stored in MicroSD card on system hard drive or external storage drive to overcome data loss issues
  • Avoid using MicroSD card on various devices across network
  • Follow proper procedure while removing MicroSD card from system or digital gadget while its data is shared or used

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