Extract Data from Olympus SD Card

“I am using Olympus SD card on my digital camera and stored almost 300 photos in it. My friend has advised me to take backup of it in order to protect it from data loss instances. As per his suggestions, I have connected Olympus SD card to my computer. However, Windows failed to detect my card and displayed a message that the ‘card is not recognized’. When I have searched online I found that it will get displayed on Windows Explorer if I format it from ‘Disk management utility’. How can I overcome this situation?”

If you own Olympus SD card then you might have encountered situation like above. Olympus SD card is easy to use, tiny and offers multiple advantages when used in digital cameras. It has high speed data transfer capacity which is necessary especially if you want to move large amount of data. It is extremely durable SD card of Olympus which is built in with write protection switch which will protect your data from data loss instances. Although, Olympus SD card offers best performance, media files saved on it might get lost due to various reasons.

Most common data loss situations from Olympus SD card:

  • Sometimes you may use third party tool to create partition on SD card. However after partitioning you will not be allowed to use it unless you format. Since formatting is a process of clearing entire data from storage device, you will lose complete data from Olympus SD card
  • At the time of previewing captured photos or videos from Olympus SD card, you may unknowingly erase required files instead of those which are of no use
  • Utilizing same Olympus SD card on different devices to commence various process such as coping, moving, adding or deleting files might make it virus infected and files disappear from SD card without any notification
  • Ejecting Olympus SD card improperly without clicking on “Eject” option facilitated by Windows computer could damage its file system and will prompt format SD card error message
  • Olympus SD card recovery software:

Nowadays recovering data from any storage device is not a difficult task as there are many tools available online to regain your files in a healthy way. Yodot Photo Recovery is one such software which will ensure complete recovery of media files from Olympus SD card. The main benefit of using this software is that it will show each and every step in understandable manner and users will not encounter any issues while restoring their media files from Olympus SD card. For your convenience, this software has already listed retrievable files and you could only choose them to restore without needing to enter the details of each file types separately. Apart from Olympus, you can retrieve files from SD cards manufactured by Lexar, Transcend, Toshiba, Samsung, HP, SanDisk, Sony, Verbatim and so on. Since the name of the software is photo recovery, users may predict that it can restore only pictures; however, it has been designed in such a way that users can also get back variety of RAW images, video files, music files, documents, animations, database file and so on. Along with this, it will assist you to recover files from bad SD card and from the card which is functioning normally.

Procedure for retrieving files from Olympus SD card:

  • At first connect Olympus SD card to your computer and wait till it gets detected
  • Download Yodot Photo Recovery software and install it on system in which you have connected SD card
  • Main screen shows two options which are “Deleted Photo Recovery” and “Lost Photo Recovery”
  • Choose anyone option with respect to the situation and then select the drive that indicates external Olympus SD card
  • Wait till the application scans the drive and select the files that you need from the shown list
  • Check files using two view types which are “Data View” and “File Type View”
  • Preview restored media files for confirmation and at last save them on a safe location

Points to Remember:

  • It is recommended to keep backup of media files before using Olympus SD card on various devices
  • Never attempt to format Olympus SD card unless you find that files present in it are not so important

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