How to Retrieve Images from Formatted CF Card?

Compact Flash Card is a popular memory card that is used for storing digital information in cameras and other devices. CF cards have storage capacity of up to 64 GB and can be used on various gadgets. This storage media has larger storage size when compared to other types of memory cards like SD, Memory Stick, xD Picture card etc. As CF card has low cost per MB and has high data transfer speeds, it’s one of the most recommended external storage media used on digital cameras.

However, users may face many circumstances while using CF card on different gadgets and lose data. Consider this scenario; you connected compact flash card to computer to transfer few photos from it. But, as soon as you connected an error message popped up stating that card needs to be formatted in order to access its data. So, with no other option left you formatted the compact flash card, which wiped out all the images files.

Now in sadness, you think that you lost valuable images are gone forever after formatting CF card. But actually you have not permanently lost photo files from compact flash card. Because, formatting any storage media like CF card will only erase the access permissions of files saved on it and mark the memory space as free so that new data can be saved there. Thus, all the pictures will be still present on the card, until and unless new files takes up lost file space on CF card. So stop using CF card afer formatting and utilize effective CF card recovery application to restore photos without undergoing any glitches.

What scenarios could lead to formatting of compact flash card?

  • Human Mistake: Unintentionally formatting the compact flash card assuming it to be logical drive on computer can cause lose of entire valuable information stored in CF card including images
  • CF Card Corruption: As a result of virus infection or due to sudden loss of power, can lead to compact flash card corruption. Due to this the user won’t be able to access any of the image files and hence in the end have to format the CF card
  • CF card Errors: Sometimes, we use the compact flash card on many systems for file sharing purpose as result of which the storage media can generate errors which in turn blocks access to the photos. Therefore to remove errors you must format your CF card

Compact Flash Card Photo Recovery Tool:

Yodot Photo Recovery program can retrieve back all formats of photos and RAW image files deleted from compact flash card as a result of accidental or unintentional formatting. With the inclusion of powerful scanning engines, it can easily restore pictures from CF card and from other flash memory cards including SD card, xD card, MMC, Memory Sticks, etc. After the completion of CF card image recovery process, the user can preview the recovered picture files before saving them on to the desired destination location as available to the host operating system user. Moreover, this tool supports recovery of pictures, videos, music files and other documents from CF card and other storage media on Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, Server 2003 and 2008 operating systems.

Steps to use Yodot Photo Recovery tool is as listed below:

  • Connect formatted CF card to your Windows OS on which you wish to perform recovery
  • Download and install the application on windows system
  • After completion of installation process the user can see shortcut icon on the desktop
  • Launch the application and proceed with the options that are provided in main screen of the software
  • Among “Deleted Photo Recovery” and “Lost Photo Recovery” options, click on deleted file recovery option and proceed
  • Next screen, list of drives present on the system are shown. Select the drive that represents formatted CF card
  • Select the file extensions of photos that needs to be recovered and click next
  • Tool starts scanning the CF card and you can view the recovery status through status bar
  • After completion of scanning process, preview the pictures using preview option
  • Select required photos and save them by giving new destination location on system (But not on the same CF card)

Backup Tips:

  • Make sure there is best antivirus application installed on your Windows system
  • Avoid removing the compact flash card abruptly from computer, camera or other digital gadget
  • Take backup of CF card data in separate external drive and update it regularly

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