Restore Files from PQI SD Memory Card

In recent years, PQI has become a popular name in the flash storage media business. Its SD memory cards are available with amazing data transfer rate capability that is about 9MB/sec. Many people prefer this durable and high-speed SD memory card to save digital photos and media content in camera, camcorder, tablets, mobile phones and other media gadgets.

Although, users can store lot of media data with this flash memory card, sometimes valuable data stored on it may get lost because of various reasons. Plenty of factors are there which can be counted for losing data from PQI SD memory card. Some of them are listed below:

  • Formatting PQI SD card after receiving format error or when it severely corrupted
  • Due to faulty file system structure, PQI SD memory card could become unrecognized and then you cannot access its data
  • While erasing unwanted files from PQI SD card, users may perform accidental deletion of some useful files
  • Viruses and other malware programs can make your PQI SD memory card corrupted and hide its data
  • Ejecting PQI SD card during file transfer operation may result in loss of files which are getting transferred
  • You may not access files due to excessive presence of bad sectors in the PQI SD card

PQI SD Card Recovery Software!

Photo Recovery is the most reliable software to retrieve data from PQI SD memory card. This application has caliber to retrieve deleted or lost media files, documents and other data from PQI SD cards. It uses the fastest scanning technology to perform safe and quick PQI SD card data recovery. It supports easy and complete data recovery from memory cards on Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008 OS versions. With this tool, you can restore data from PQI SD card that is damaged, corrupted, re-formatted or inaccessible due to virus attacks, file system issues and other factors. Other than PQI, it can recover data from SanDisk SD card and other SD cards launched by Lexar, PNY, Samsung, Kingston, Strontium, Transcend, Canon, Nikon, etc. Moreover, it supports picture, video and music recovery from SD, MicroSD, SDXC, SDHC, CF, MMC, Memory Sticks and other card types on both Windows and Mac OS based systems.

Steps to rescue PQI SD card data on Windows OS:

  • Plug your PQI SD memory card to your PC with the help of card adaptor
  • Download Yodot Photo Recovery application and once the download process gets finished install it in that PC
  • Now launch the application and go according to the steps mentioned on the main wizard
  • You can see two options “Deleted Photo Recovery” and “Lost Photo Recovery” in the main screen
  • Choose required option and then select the drive that represents PQI SD memory card
  • Now application initiates scanning and shows all the recoverable files and folders that are store in the PQI SD card
  • Select all the media files that you want back and click on “Next” to continue
  • You can take preview of any selected file with the help of Preview option
  • Now you can save all recovered files to preferred storage location on your PC don’t save retrieved data on that PQI SD card

Useful Tips!

  • Always remove your PQI SD card safely and don’t eject it during the read/write operation from system or digital gadget
  • Install a good anti-virus app to your PC and scan PQI SD card regularly
  • Do not add new files on PQI SD card immediately after losing data from it

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