How to Recover Data from Damaged Memory Card

When your memory card gets corrupt, just remove it from respective device and not perform any read or write operation on it until you get back all your data from it. And try the following methods to fix and recover data from damaged memory card.

Methods #1: Fix Corrupted Memory Card Using Chkdsk

Before trying to recover data from damaged memory card, use chkdsk command to fix errors in memory card which are resulting in corruption. To do this-

  • Open Command Prompt
  • Type chkdsk * /f (where * indicates drive letter assigned to memory card)
  • Hit Enter
  • It scans your memory card and try to fix all the errors
  • After completion of this process, access your memory card data

If it doesn’t work, use the second method mentioned below-

Method #2: Format Corrupted Memory Card for Reuse

Another method for removing corruption issue from memory card is formatting. Right click on memory card and select Format option. In case, you fail to format then try the next method to recover data from it. If you able to format it and lost data from memory card, even then try the third method.

Method #3: Recovering Data from Damaged Memory Card using Yodot

Yodot Photo Recovery is a reliable card recovery software, which helps memory card users to get back photos, videos, music files and other files from corrupted memory card. The tool has the ability to restore data from not only corrupted card, but also from formatted, reformatted and inaccessible memory cards on Windows system. Additionally, it recovers data from SD, XD, CF, Memory Stick, MMC, SDHC and many other card types manufactured by popular companies like Transcend, Kingston, SanDisk, Kodak, Sony, Samsung etc. Mac version of Photo Recovery tool is available for Mac users to bring back lost/deleted media files from memory cards on Mac OS X system.

Complete Guide on How to Recover Data Corrupted Memory Card:

Download Yodot Photo Recovery software and install the application on your desktop / laptop. Then, attach your memory card to a computer on which you have installed recovery tool. Then, launch the software and follow the steps mentioned below-

  • Choose “Lost Photo Recovery” option to recover your data from memory card
  • The software scans the system and displays your logical and external drives from the system, Choose the drive / partition which indicates your memory card and click on “Next” button
  • The tool allows you to select the file types which you would like to recover or you can simply click on “Skip” button to select all the file types
  • The application scans the selected memory card and shows all the retrievable files from it
  • Choose the files which you want to recover back
  • You can also “Preview” them before saving
  • Finally, browse the destination location to save your recovered files

Causes for Memory Card Corruption:

  • Ejecting the memory card abruptly from camera or any other device during read / write operation
  • Removing the memory card while folders and files are still open on your computer
  • Deadly virus / malware infection on memory card

Corruption is the main reason for losing data from memory card, however apart from corruption there are many causes for unexpected data loss from memory card. Some of them include accidental deletion of files and folders from memory card, formatting memory card from the device or when connected to system, using the same memory card on different devices or operating system and many others. But the fact is that, you can use Yodot Photo Recovery software to recover lost / deleted data from memory card no matter how you lost data.


  • Keep your system and other electronic devices virus free by installing a powerful anti-virus program
  • Don’t add any new file on to your corrupt or damaged memory card
  • Avoid improper removal of memory card while moving or transferring files
  • Use “write protect” knob in your memory card to avoid unintentional format or deletion