Get Back Songs from Micro SD Card

I have connected Micro SD card to Windows computer to copy few files from it. But when I tried to copy selected files to the Micro SD card, I got an error message stating that there is no enough memory to copy those files. Hence to add selected files, I have deleted music folder so that I can restore it later from Recycle Bin. After deletion I visited Recycle Bin to restore whether Music folder is present in it. But for my surprise, music folder was not redirected to Recycle Bin. Does anyone know how I can get my music files back? Please help!!!

This is one of the common situations faced by those who have average knowledge about computers. In above detailed incident music folder has been deleted from Micro SD card and it is not stored in Recycle Bin since Micro SD card is external storage device. But it does not mean that you have lost music files forever because you can regain it with the help of music file recovery software.

Music is one of the most important and powerful things in everyone’s life. Listening to and playing different songs help one to de-stress and relax. As all portable media player do not have large capacities, many users store their favorite music in Micro SD card so that they can listen to them randomly. Micro SD cards are popular storage devices because they are small, compact and can accommodate huge amount of music along with other files. Storing music to Micro SD card is very convenient because it allows you to listen and transfer songs to another computer. However, one of the limitations of using the Micro SD card is that you may run the risk of losing your precious data due to any sort of corruption or human errors.

Expected causes behind music file loss from Micro SD card are:

  • Access denied error message: Often times when you click on the drive indicating Micro SD card in your computer, you will get an error message that “Access Denied”. This error usually occurs if Micro SD card is corrupted due to virus attack or improper removal. After getting this error message, you will not able to access any data including music files present in Micro SD card
  • MicroSD card mishandling: You should carefully handle your Micro SD card if you do not wish to lose songs from it. But applying improper method like abruptly pulling out of Micro SD card or removing without using “eject” option may cause loss of songs stored in it
  • Formatting MicroSD card: Formatting MicroSD card is needed when you want to get rid of viruses which has infected MicroSD card or in case you want to clear entire data at once. But sometimes you may accidentally hit on “Format” option while changing settings of your portable media player, which erases all files on Micro SD card
  • Losing while transferring: Music from Micro SD card usually gets lost when transfer process of songs from Micro SD card to computer gets terminated due to power failure or unpredicted system turn off

When unexpected data loss strikes without any warning, then the first and most important thing you should do is to stop using MicroSD card further to add files. Adding new files to MicroSD card will result in overwriting of lost file space and chances of recovering music files will be reduced. Keeping this point in mind, download best music file recovery software onto your computer and connect MicroSD card to it in order to get back deleted / lost songs.

Music recovery software for MicroSD card:

Yodot Photo Recovery serves as the best media recovery tool if you are in need to recover songs from Micro SD card. This recovery application will intensely scan Micro SD card to search for deleted / lost songs from it. Once it finishes searching for files, it will display them so that you can choose required files to restore. Most of you might wonder how recovery software helps to retrieve music files. Well, it is obvious to get this question; but answer is very clear. This software has been designed in such a way that you can restore not only music files, but also music, videos and other documents from MicroSD cards of different brands. You can even see total amount of recovered files and preview media files before storing them to the desired location.

Here are the steps that will help you to restore songs from Micro SD card:

  • First of all download the application and install it to the computer in which you have connected Micro SD card
  • Launch the utility and follow the instructions mentioned over the screen
  • Now choose any one option between “Deleted Photo Recovery” and “Lost Photo Recovery”
  • Select the drive that represent your Micro SD memory card and hit on “Next”
  • Let the tool to scan chosen drive and choose file types that needed to be recovered
  • Preview media files and at last save them on a location other than MicroSD card

Measures to carry out:

  • Keep on transferring files from Micro memory card to your computer to save them as a backup copy
  • Remove Micro SD card from computer or other digital gadget by using “Eject” option
  • Stop using portable media player that has memory card when its battery is low

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