Photo Recovery from Camera SD Card

You have changed settings of your camera and made SD card as the default storage location. Hence, whenever you click photos, it used to store in camera’s SD card. One fine morning, you were clicking photos with digital camera and as the SD card’s memory was almost full, it displayed an error message that “Memory is full”. Therefore to add new photos, you have decided to remove few photos from it. But instead of erasing redundant pictures, you have unknowingly selected all photos and deleted them. This resulted in loss of entire photos from your camera SD card. Under such situation, you might assume that you have permanently lost stored images from camera SD card.

Anyhow, even though photos present in camera SD card are invisible, you can make it visible by recovering it by using camera card recovery software. Digital cameras are becoming more famous nowadays and due to its popularity, many users prefer to carry cameras wherever they go. As a result of over usage, few users insert SD card into their camera to expand its memory. Since SD card can store huge amount of data, users keep on adding photos into it. But one should understand that photos present in it are not safe and keep backup of the pictures which are important for them. However, if users ignore it and do not backup pictures, you will lose photos present in it due to following reasons:

  • Unintentional deletion: Sometimes it is necessary to remove unwanted photos from Camera SD card to make space for new files; but one should be careful while removing unneeded images. If you keep on deleting photos without checking, then important pictures might get deleted along with not so good photos
  • Virus interference: To protect your photos, you should not connect your camera’s SD card to a system infected with viruses; even though you connect, you should scan it with antivirus software. In case you forget to scan, then viruses present in the computer might enter your camera’s SD card and delete few photos present in it
  • Mistakenly formatting: Some users prefer to click on “Eject” option while disconnecting camera’s SD card from their computer. However, sometimes it may so happens that while eject it, you may mistakenly hit on “Format” option instead of “Eject”, which will result in losing entire data from camera SD card
  • Photo loss while moving: In order to keep back up of important photos, you might connect camera’s SD card to the computer. But if transfer process is terminated as a consequence of power failure or unexpected system shutdown, then photos which you were supposed to transfer might get lost

Best way to retrieve photos from Camera SD Card

As you already understood, lost photos can be restored with the help of photo recovery software.Yodot Photo Recovery is one such tool which will help you in this regard. It will deeply scan your camera’s SD card and then displays recoverable files from it. You can specifically choose images files and go further to restore them. Along with photos, it will allow you to retrieve deleted / lost documents, videos, music and many more within a short span of time. It even helps to restore pictures and other files from storage media like USB drive, iPod, external as well as internal hard drive, portable media player, etc. on Windows platform. Macintosh system users can utilize Yodot Mac Photo Recovery software to bring back lost images from SD card used in digital cameras.

Guidelines to get back images from camera SD card:

  • Disconnect SD card from your camera and connect it to Windows system via USB or card reader
  • Download and install Yodot Photo Recovery on that Windows PC; run the software and follow the onscreen steps
  • Use “Deleted Photo Recovery” or “Lost Photo Recovery” option from the main screen based on data loss scenario you have come across
  • The application now scans the complete system and displays all the drives present in it. Select the partition that shows your camera’s SD card and click “Next”
  • The Software scans the selected SD card drive and displays all the deleted / lost files
  • Choose the photos that you want to get back and click “Next”
  • Make your selection by using two view types which are “Data View” and “File Type View”
  • At last, browse for your preferred location to save recovered files

Tips to protect your data:

  • Do not delete any photo from camera SD card unless and until you check it properly
  • Avoid connecting camera’s SD card to different devices as viruses might enter into SD card and make it corrupted

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