File Recovery from Unmountable SD Card

“I have recorded hours of videos of my nephew birthday party from my camera with SD card on it. But when I connected camera to my computer to transfer, it failed to mount. I don’t know why it was not showing up on PC? I tried every way to make it mount on my computer but could not get succeeded. Other than recorded videos, I have stored huge amount of photos and music files on my SD card. Is there any possible way which will help me to get over my problem? Help would be extremely welcomed!!!”

With the introduction of highly innovative and stylish digital cameras and mobile phones, photography has really become an easy task for everyone. Nowadays even a novice user could capture crystal clear images at very high resolution and save them to SD card inserted in digital media devices. You can connect your SD card to the computer so that you can see it on large screen or upload it on any social network websites. But In some situations, you may observe that your SD card doesn't show up on your computer. The SD card will be totally inaccessible and you have no idea what has happened.

Also in some cases, you may notice several kind of error messages such as ‘Computer cannot recognize the SD card’, ‘Memory card doesn't show up on computer’, ‘undetected SD card’ and so on. These types of error messages clearly indicate that SD card has become unmountable due to corruption. Virus attack, file header corruption, interruption while read /write process etc. could be some of the probable reasons for unmountable SD card. Under such circumstances, you need to format SD card completely to make it accessible again.

You may question how is it possible to format the card if it is not visible in Windows Explorer. The answer is very clear. Go to “Disk Management Utility” and right click on the drive that represents your SD card. Hit on the “Format” option and your SD card will be formatted. But formatting SD card has one major disadvantage. All the data stored in it will get erased. However, there is no need to worry as lost data could be easily recovered back using an automated card recovery tool.

Unmounted SD card recovery tool:

Yodot Photo Recovery is an admirable photo recovery application which has the ability to restore complete data from unmountable SD card. Its depth scanning algorithm and programming logics could easily recover all kinds of lost files from unmountable SD card in less time. It explains recovery process in an easy and understandable way so that a person who doesn’t have good technical knowledge can perform data recovery without facing any obstacles. You are able to retrieve files like images, videos, songs and lots more files which you have lost due to unmounting of SD card. Moreover, you can preview retrieved media files to ensure successful recovery and also to check the quality of files after recovery. Mac users can utilize Yodot Mac Photo Recovery tool to bring back lost data from unmountable SD card on Mac OS X system.

Method to restore files from unmountable SD card

  • Download and install Yodot Photo Recovery software on a Windows computer and connect your unmountable SD card to it
  • You will find two options which are “Deleted Photo Recovery” and “Lost Photo Recovery”
  • select “Lost Photo Recovery” option to get back data from SD card
  • After clicking next, select the drive that represents your SD card
  • Allow the application to scan the SD card
  • After completion of scanning process, a list of recoverable files will be displayed
  • Choose files to recover by making use of two view types which are “Data View” and “File Type View”
  • Click on particular media file to preview it and at last save recovered files in a location that you prefer

Measures to be carried out:

  • Frequently removing the card or altering the settings of your device may cause the card to become unreadable
  • Before working with your SD card, move your stored files on to your computer or an external drive device to save them as a backup

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