How to Rescue Pictures from Samsung Micro SD Card?

“Hi there, I am facing big trouble as I erased very important picture files saved on Samsung Micro SD card of my digital camera. I was trying to erase unwanted pictures from it but accidentally selected few valuable photos and deleted them. I do not possess any backup copy of erased pictures. So, can anyone please suggest me on how to get back photos deleted from Samsung Micro SD card?”

Samsung Micro SD card is one of the most widely used memory card for saving captured pictures on digital cameras of Samsung brand. These compact sized memory cards are very important for digital devices to store various memorable moments captured using them. Samsung Micro SD cards offer fast data speeds (during both saving and transferring) and also provides spacious storage space in very small size. However, while using Samsung Micro SD card on digital gadgets like digital cameras, camcorders, Smartphones, etc. users may undergo various instances that cause loss of pictures and other data saved on the card. Below given are few scenarios that render loss of picture files from Micro SD card:

  • Most commonly flash memory card like Samsung Micro SD will get corrupt due to malicious virus infection, thus pictures stored on it turns inaccessible
  • Formatting the Micro SD card on Samsung digital cameras or on system without taking back up of important pictures will result in loss of entire photo files
  • File system corruption is another vital reason that causes inaccessibility or loss of images saved on Samsung Micro SD card
  • In addition, wrong usage of Micro SD memory card, abrupt removal of the card from digital gadgets, interruptions during read/ write process on card, using same Micro SD card on multiple gadgets, etc. can result in loss of valuable photos

In all such picture loss situations, if there is proper backup of pictures then one need not worry. On the other hand problem arises when there is no proper backup of images. However, retrieving lost pictures from Samsung Micro SD card is simple with the aid of any proficient card recovery tool. There are vast numbers of card recovery applications that can excellently bring back all types of picture files from Samsung Micro SD card.

Extract pictures from Samsung Micro SD memory card:

To accomplish the task of Micro SD card image recovery, one can easily rely upon Yodot Photo Recovery tool. Built with advanced recovery strategies, this tool can bring back images not only from Micro SD but also from SD, mini SD, SDHC, SDXC, CF, XQD, MMC and other flash memory cards of different brands. The read-only algorithms of this restoration software is capable of safely retrieving image file types like jpeg, jpg, pic, img, tiff, gif and so on without causing any damage to them on memory card. Moreover, this card recovery tool can also restore RAW images from memory cards manufactured by Samsung, Sony, Kingston, SanDisk, iBall, etc. models.

Additionally, this card recovery tool can successfully regain media files like videos (avi, mov, mpeg, mpg, m4v, xvid, 3gp, etc.) and audios (wav, aiff, mp3, mp4, etc.) from various digital gadgets like digital camera, camcorders, multi view cameras, MP3 players, video recorders, etc. on both Windows and Mac operated systems. Windows version of card recovery tool can support on Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, 7, 2003 and 2008 operating systems, whereas Mac version works on Mac Leopard, Snow Leopard and Mac OS X Lion computers.

Procedure to bring back photos from Samsung Micro SD card:

  • Connect your Samsung Micro SD card to any Windows system via card reader
  • Download Yodot Photo Recovery software and install it on the same system
  • Launch the software by following given instructions
  • Next screen displays two major options, “Deleted Photo Recovery” and “Lost Photo Recovery”
  • Select required option based on photo loss scenario
  • Then, software recognizes all the drives connected to the system
  • Select the drive that represents Samsung Micro SD card externally connected on the system
  • In the upcoming screen, select the file types that you wish to retrieve from Micro SD card
  • Now, software starts scanning the selected drive and its status will be displayed in Status bar
  • After complete scan, all recovered pictures and other files can be viewed in Data View / File Type View
  •  Select required photo files and preview them using Preview option
  • Then specify a destination location (either on system drive or to CD/ DVD) and save the files

Important Caution:

  • Do not save recovered pictures on to same Micro SD card from where they are recovered
  • Avoid usage of same Samsung Micro SD memory card on multiple gadgets to save different data
  • Do not mount the Samsung Micro SD card on the devices that do not support it

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