Get Back Data from Samsung Mobile Memory Card

“My Samsung mobile’s memory card was almost full and it used to display message like “Memory full, delete few items”. So to avoid accidental deletion, I thought to transfer entire data to my Windows computer. I have selected all files using “Ctrl” command to move them to my computer hard drive. But instead of clicking on “Send to” option, I have mistakenly chosen “Delete” option. As a consequence of choosing this option, complete data from my Samsung mobile’s memory card got erased. I want those files back. How can I get them back? Please help!!!!”

Nowadays Samsung is the most widely phone by almost all individuals; due to its outstanding features like multitasking, camera and video clarity, accessing speed etc. many users prefer using Samsung phone. Certain Samsung models come with memory card slot, so that you can insert memory card and save more files on it. But data loss from Samsung phone memory card has become a major issue these days. Most of the Samsung mobile phone users are experiencing problems as stated above and lose files from its memory card. Here are few imaginable causes behind loss of data from Samsung mobile memory card:

  • Memory Card Corruption: When Samsung mobile’s memory card gets corrupted for some reason, you are prompted to format it. But the only problem is that once you format the card, your data will no longer be available since formatting completely removes all stored files from card’s memory
  • Virus Interference: Viruses can destroy entire data from your computer without any notification; when you connect Samsung mobile memory card to the system that is contaminated with viruses, there are chances of losing files from card
  • Transfer Process Interruption: If transfer of data from Samsung memory card to system is halted due to power failure or improper system shutdown, then you will lose either complete data or files which were getting transferred
  • Capturing photos in low battery: Many experts’ advice to avoid using Samsung and other phones to click pictures when its battery is to the last bar. But still there are users who ignore it and go further to capture photos. When photos are being clicked in low battery, then there may be the possibility of losing them

Besides these situations, data from Samsung mobile memory card may also get lost due to unidentified reasons. But in case you want to restore your files, then do not attempt to add anything on Samsung memory card after data loss. If you are sure that you have not used Samsung memory card after data loss then without making delay, make use of best card recovery software to get your data back.

Samsung mobile memory card recovery software:

In case you want to regain data safely from Samsung phone memory card, then Yodot Photo Recovery tool is your finest choice. When you run this application, it will automatically detect the drive indicating Samsung memory card drive and guides you detailed instructions to retrieve files from it. This application can get back MS Office documents, photos, videos, music and other files from Samsung memory card in simple steps. You can recover entire data and the details of recovered files can be seen over the screen at the time of recovery. From starting till end, you will not face any difficulties while recovering data from Samsung memory card. At the same time rescued media files can be seen by using the ‘Preview’ option to check the quality of recovered file. It provides separate version for Macintosh users named as Yodot Mac Photo Recovery; so Mac user then utilize this software for retrieving files from Samsung phone’s memory card on their Mac OS X machine.

Procedure to bring back data from Samsung mobile memory card:

  • First of all remove memory card from Samsung phone and then connect it to your computer
  • Download Yodot Photo Recovery software and install it to the computer in which you have attached Samsung phone memory card
  • In main screen you can see two options i.e. “Deleted Photo recovery” and “Lost Photo Recovery”
  • Select either of the option depending on data loss situation
  • The application now scans the entire computer and display all the drives present in the system, including Samsung phone memory card
  • Select the particular card drive from which you need to recover lost data and click on “Next” option
  • Software starts scanning the selected memory card drive and displays all the recovered files either in “Data View” or “File Type View”
  • At last save recovered files into your preferred location on system

Helpful information:

  • Download antivirus software to your Samsung phone so that it can easily eliminate viruses
  • Make sure that your Samsung phone is fully charged before capturing photos from it