Retrieve Data from SD Card That is Full and Inaccessible

SD cards are the best used storage media on various gadgets for extended memory space. Since, these memory cards can store huge information within very small compact space, users prefer using them while saving captured pictures on digital cameras, to save recorded videos from camcorders, to save apps on Smartphones and also for portability of data from one gadget to another. However, there are various scenarios that result in loss of useful data from these SD cards due to human mistakes / logical errors.

Consider one such instance here; assume that you had saved numerous files on SD card of your cellular phone. And without noticing that SD card memory is full, you went on adding files on it. As a result SD card stopped working on your phone. Thus, in order to move certain files from SD card you connected your card to your system. But, as soon as the card got connected it displayed an error message stating “SD card is full / not accessible” and no data was accessible from the card now. In this scenario, SD card got corrupted due to addition of files when there was no memory space on the card and it triggers the error message blocking access to the card data.

Other reasons that trigger SD memory card error message “SD card is full or not accessible” are listed below:

  • Downloading apps on Android device by saving it on SD card sometimes results in inaccessibility of card data by displaying the above mentioned error message
  • Saving any virus infected files downloaded from internet on the SD card will also render the same error
  • Running certain unsecured Android apps / wrong way of installing any app on SD card of your Smartphone can render SD card is full error message
  • Using same SD memory card on numerous electronic gadgets that are not compatible with SD card to save different file types can also generate the error

When your SD memory card shows that it is full / not accessible, it means that the card is completely corrupt and need to be fixed without any delay. Data saved on such corrupt SD cards will be unreachable and you may start thinking how to get back files from inaccessible SD card? Don’t worry, just relax and go through this page to find out best solution.

Extract files from SD card that shows not accessible error:

It is always recommended to employ powerful and eminent card recovery tool which is safe enough to securely bring back inaccessible SD card data. One such utility is Yodot Photo Recovery software that can retrieve data from inaccessible SD flash memory card showing error message. The tool is equipped with dominant restoration algorithms that perform read-only process while extracting card data without altering the file contents. This application supports recovery of files like pictures, videos, audio tracks, RAW images, documents, application files, etc. from various flash memory cards – CF SDHC, SDXC, mini SD, micro SDHC, XQD, MMC, etc. Also, the tool is compatible on both Mac and Windows versions of operating systems. Given version of card recovery program excellently works on Windows Vista, XP, 7, 8, Server 2003 and 2008 OS based computers.

Steps for recovery of unreadable SD card data:

  • Connect the affected SD card externally on to a Windows system
  • Download Windows version of Yodot Photo Recovery program on to that system
  • Then install and run the utility by following ongoing steps
  • In the main screen you will be given two options “Deleted Photo Recovery” and “Lost Photo Recovery”
  • Select “Lost Photo Recovery” option and proceed next
  • In the upcoming screen, make selection for the drive representing SD memory card on system
  • Then, select the file types that you wish to recover, else all file types will be marked by default
  • On clicking next, scanning process starts to recognize all recoverable files
  • After completion of scanning process, you can save recovery session for further usage
  • Then preview the restored media files from Data view / File Type view window
  • Next, specify a destination location on the system to save these retrieved files (Never save to the same SD card)

Important Note:

  • Maintain proper backup of important SD card files to get rid of accidental data loss scenarios
  • Avoid using same SD memory card on different gadgets that results in card corruption
  • Use proper antivirus program to treat malicious virus infection
  • Do not save data to SD card on which memory is full

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