How to Restore Data from Toshiba SDHC Memory Card?

“I use 32GB Toshiba SDHC card on my digital camera to save recorded videos and images. However, today I used this SDHC card on couple of other devices after which it turned corrupt and stopped showing files saved in it. This card holds most of my precious pictures and some rare video clippings that I don’t want to lose at any cost. Is there any possible way to recover files from Toshiba SDHC memory card? If yes, then please suggest some useful tips.”

SDHC memory card is the best solution to store media data like pictures and videos from various digital gadgets. Among various producers of SDHC card, Toshiba is a renowned manufacturer. Toshiba SDHC card offers high speed data storage in capturing HD quality pictures and videos. This card meets high security, capacity and high performance required by most advanced gadgets like digital cameras, compact cameras, PDAs, digital camcorders, audio players, etc. However, saved data on Toshiba SDHC memory card can become vain when card undergoes scenarios like mentioned below:

  • Toshiba SDHC memory card corruption due to malware intrusion, wrong usage on gadgets, saving new data when its memory is full, using same card on multiple operating systems, etc.
  • Damaged file system on Toshiba SDHC card due to incorrect reformatting or incorrect handling of card will cause missing of data saved in its memory
  • Accidentally formatting Toshiba SDHC card when connected to system is likely to erase all data from card
  • Erasing set of files from Toshiba SDHC card while trying to remove unwanted files or mistakenly pressing “Delete All’ or ‘Erase All’ button while using card on any gadget will wipe off all its files
  • Using unreliable antivirus tool to scan Toshiba SDHC memory card can sometimes remove files without any prior notice

If you are the one who have lost data from Toshiba SDHC memory card in any of these above instances, then you are at right place. This page will guide you on how to retrieve media files from Toshiba SDHC card without much effort.

Toshiba SDHC card data recovery program:

Yodot Photo Recovery is the ultimate tool to extract each and every file from Toshiba SDHC card. This program performs hassle-free restoration of media files from corrupt or damaged Toshiba SDHC card with the help of its read-only recovery modules. It can eminently regain pictures, videos, music and RAW images from Toshiba SDHC as well as from SD, mini SD, micro SD, SDXC, CF, MMC and other memory cards. Apart from Toshiba SDHC card, it can successfully restore files from Dane Elec 16GB SDHC card, PNY Optima 8GB Class 4 SDHC card, 16GB Class 10 SanDisk Ultra SDHC card, Panasonic 8GB SDHC card and so on. This proficient card recovery tool can easily retrieve media data from other storage devices like pen drive, external hard drive, system hard drive, SSD, etc. that are compatible on Windows computer. This tool can be employed on Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003 and 2008 OS based desktops or laptops. Whereas Mac users can use Yodot Mac Photo Recovery tool to regain deleted or lost media files from Toshiba SDHC card on Macintosh machines running with Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion and Mavericks operating systems.

Recovery steps to get data from Toshiba SDHC card

  • Download Yodot Photo Recovery software on your Windows computer and install it
  •  Connect Toshiba SDHC memory cars using proper card reader to this Windows computer
  • Next, run the software and wait for main screen
  • Main window comes up with two options, “Deleted Photo Recovery” and “Lost Photo Recovery”
  • Click on appropriate option based on scenario responsible for file loss from Toshiba SDHC memory card
  • By clicking next, choose the drive that represents Toshiba SDHC card from where files have to be restored
  • Also, you can precise scanning process by selecting file types that has to be restored
  • Moving next, software will scan the Toshiba SDHC card and shows all files recovered it in two view types
  • Make your selection for required files and view it using Preview option
  • At last, save these restored files to new target location on host Windows computer but not to same Toshiba SDHC card

Necessary Tips:

  • Backup important files from Toshiba SDHC memory card on other external storage drives
  • Avoid abrupt removal of Toshiba SDHC card to secure data saved in its memory
  • Use authenticated antivirus software to evade harmful viruses that corrupts Toshiba SDHC card