How to Rediscover Photo Files That Are Not Opening After Recovery?

"Although restored all pictures, I could not access it yet!" Ultimate action performed after seeing your photos or any other files going deserted from device is RECOVERY process. What if even after recovering, photo files do not work? This happens many time among photo freaks or common users.

Have a look upon the scenario depicted below:

“Hey everyone! I captured some pictures using my phone and tried to copy them to system. Due to improper USB cable connection, file transfer got suspended and I noticed that entire data from mobile storage is empty. Immediately I used a recovery tool to restore all lost files and saw those photo files back after restoration. But actual problem started then, I am not able to view those recovered images. Please somebody help me to get out of this complication! Thanks in advance.”

Isn’t it embarrassing to come across such pathetic photo loss situation like above case?

What restricts retrieved photos to open and why?

Well, there are many causes that can suppress the recovered pictures. Few are:

  • Recovered file is corrupted even before restore mechanism could be performed -
  • If deleted/lost file is already corrupt and you use a third party application to retrieve, then the resulting recovered file will also be corrupt. Retrieved images might contain broken/damaged header that will refuse to open.

  • Insecure third party application -
  • Using free versions of untrusted third party utility, there are a lot of chances to wind up in a dilemma of picture loss.

How to avoid this problem? Is there any alternative to end this crisis?

Yes, there is an alternative to stop this kind of complications! Before implementing any application to regain lost pictures, checking for license and complete information about that particular tool is really appreciated. Most of the times, users are keen on bringing their lost data instantly but choosing best application is very important. This can be done by checking reviews given by users who have used the utility and sought benefit out of it. Now stop losing your data further by testing another inappropriate utilization. In case the device from which pictures are lost is retained without formatting or overwriting with other files, immediately switch to Yodot Photo Recovery tool, a reliable and efficient solution that you are looking for.

Reacquire your retrieved images that are unable to open

Yodot application is capable of retrieving image files that are finding difficulty to open up. The tool works in read only mode so there is no risk of obtaining an altered version of original data. Its built in scanning algorithm scans through entire device that stores troublesome files and effectively regains data. Not just pictures, even there is scope of getting back video files, audios, MS Office files and further file types using this software. It is easy with Yodot to restore pictures from SD memory card that is showing error, Hard drives, CF cards, Memory Stick, Multimedia cards and many other storage devices. Operating system versions like Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008 are compatible with this utility. Moretothis, Yodot extends its support on Mac too as it has introduced Yodot Mac Photo Recovery program, available for Mac OS X 10.5 (OS X Leopard) and above versions.

Special Note: PSD / PDD files created using Adobe Photoshop, which were damaged during a recovery process, can be instantaneously fixed by Yodot PSD repair tool.

Just follow the stepwise instructions to easily view your photos on device

  • Step 1: Get Yodot software downloaded on your system
  • Step 2: Launch the program once installation is finished
  • Step 3: Choose either “Lost Photo Recovery” or “Deleted Photo Recovery” options and click on next
  • Step 4: Opt for the drive that holds data to be retrieved
  • Step 5: Application starts to scan bringing a list of recoverable files, pick desired ones from it
  • Step 6: Reconfirm for safe rescue of photo files with the help of “Preview” option
  • Step 7: Save restored images onto destination location

Watch out for further photo loss!

  • Have a regular backup of files
  • Avoid utilizing insecure third party application
  • Install a feasible antivirus application and update it frequently