How to Repair Corrupt Word DOCX File?

While you were working on the DOCX file, the system got shut down abruptly by your mistake. You bumped on the power button accidentally. When you tried to open the DOCX file the next time, you are unable to open it. You want the DOCX file back to working condition at any cost, as it had lots of crucial data in like passwords of many of your social accounts, bank account details, your things to do list, etc. on the DOCX file. You tried out even the “Open and Repair” option on your Word application which failed to repair the file.

Relax; here you need to understand that Word DOCX got corrupted in the above case that is why you are unable to open it. In such situation, only way to access your Word file content is by repairing it by using a reliable Word DOCX file repair tool. Before knowing further details of repairing DOCX file, let us learn the causes that damages your Word DOCX file.

The Word DOCX files corruption happens for several reasons as given below:

  • Round Tripping: Round tripping is the process of converting the Word documents from one format to the other, either DOC to DOCX or vice versa. While converting the Word file format, there are chances of DOCX file getting corrupted
  • Improper Download: The DOCX file may get corrupted while uploading or downloading, if the internet that you are using is not secure
  • Header Corruption: Inserting the clip arts, animations, etc. into the DOCX file which is virus infected then the header of the DOCX file gets corrupted. Hence, you should be careful while handling the DOCX file. Otherwise you will lose the data in the Word document for corruption
  • Other Causes: CRC error that are encountered when you share DOCX file via network and infection of Word Docx file with Macro viruses will damage the structure DOCX file due to which you will lose access to DOCX file content

To make your corrupted DOCX file accessible again, you have to use DOCX file repair tool like Yodot DOC Repair. The Yodot DOC Repair tool helps you to fix corrupt Word DOCX files on your Windows computer. The software has simple interface and speeding scanning mechanism. This helps you get the resulted repaired Word file in a short span of time. The software supports Word file repair on Office 2000 and above versions. Hence, you can even repair DOC files using the software. After repair, you can preview the repaired DOCX file on the software UI. If you are using the demo version of the software, then you need to activate the software to save the repaired DOCX file on your computer drive.

How to use the repair tool:

  • Download and install Yodot DOC Repair on your computer
  • Run the software and select the DOCX file to be repaired
  • The software scans the DOCX file to fix it
  • Once the scanning process completes, you will get the message of successful repair
  • You can preview the repaired DOCX file then on the software screen
  • Select the path where the DOCX file can be saved on your computer drive other than the scanned drive

Important tips:

  • Keep backing up the important DOCX files to restore in case of unexpected data loss
  • Use updated anti-virus application on the computer to keep the system clean from viruses and avoid DOCX file corruption
  • Use UPS to avoid sudden system shut down due to power failures which may cause DOCX file corruption