Repair Damaged 2007 Word Document

Assume that you main account of all the information about your college like admissions, sport events, activities, exams scheduling and many others in Word document created using Microsoft Office Word 2007 application. Suppose, it’s the end of year and you have the responsibility sending all the reports to Head in-charge. After saving Word document by doing all the final checking, you happen to face sudden power loss. Your system shuts down all of sudden, now after restarting; you find that your Word document is not opening. You tried different ways to open it, but nothing helped you.

This unexpected situation can put you under tremendous pressure. However first you cool down and think why you are unable to open Word file? The answer is very simple i.e. your Word 2007 document got corrupted due to sudden power surge while working on it. But there is no need to get upset! Your hard work is not wasted. You can repair corrupted Word 2007 file and access information that saved in it by using the services of powerful Word file repair tool such as Yodot DOC Repair. Before knowing on how to repair damaged word files, let us see some other causes which corrupts and makes Word files inaccessible. Few of them are mentioned below:

  • Macro Viruses has major effect on Word files and easily alters Word file structure that come on its way
  • Sometimes, application fault occurs in Word tool as result of upgrading it to higher version or when the word has been exited improperly
  • The Word document also tends to get corrupted when there is an abrupt interruption while transferring Word files from system to other storage media
  • Increase in the number of bad sectors of hard drive can also cause damage to the Word documents saved on it
  • Unsecure internet download can also result in Word DOC or DOCX file corruption as the uploading or downloading process halts abruptly

MS Word 2007 Word Repair Tool

Yodot DOC Repair software can be utilized to repair Word documents that are corrupted, damaged or broken any scenario as mentioned. This software is designed with the most powerful algorithms to fix your damaged .DOC and DOCX Word files. With the release of new versions of Microsoft operating systems, Yodot DOC Repair is designed in such a way that it is supported on all latest versions of Windows OS like Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows Xp, Windows Server 2008 and 2003. The repaired files can be previewed before saving it on your hard drive. You can successfully repair Word files of MS Office 200, 2003, 2007 and 2010 on Windows system.

Word 2007 file repair process:

  • Download this application by clicking on the download button that has been provided to you
  • Install this tool by logging in as Local System Administrator
  • After the completion of the installation process, there will be a shortcut icon presented on the desktop
  • Now, Launch this software and follow the on screen instructions to get on with repair process
  • Browse for your corrupted 2007 word document and after the file is selected click on Repair button
  • The repair process gets completed in the Next screen and you will get an option “Click Here to preview file” to preview your repaired Word 2007 file
  • As the Word document gets repaired you and after previewing your file Browse the location where it has to be saved and save your Word files


  • The most important one is to back up all your Word documents in a storage devive
  • Purchase the best antivirus application that is suitable for protecting your PC
  • Follow proper procedure while exiting your Microsoft Office Word Application