How to Detect and Repair Word 2007 Documents?

“I tried to open Word 2007 document on Windows system and got an error message stating 'file is corrupted and cannot be opened'. The document holds very crucial information that I cannot afford to lose; so how to fix this issue? Please help me with any reliable solution!!!”

Office Word is word processing application launched by Microsoft. It is core member of MS Office suite with many advanced features. Word 2007 is useful for making documents of any kind ranging from organizational charts to different academic reports and projects. Word 2007 files are saved with .docx extension and can protect important within the document by providing password. However, sometimes Word 2007 files may get damaged inducing high risk to data loss.

Situations that lead to corruption of Word 2007 documents are as given:

  • If any interruption occurs while downloading Word 2007 document from internet then it leads to corruption of files
  • If you change Word 2007 file to some other format and again convert it back to same format then there may be possibility of corruption of document
  • When Word 2007 file is infected with malware then it can stop functioning
  • Editing Word 2007 files and unexpectedly closing the application may affect the file
  • Header file corruption will also result in inaccessibility of Word 2007 file

Unfortunately, when you detect a corrupt Word 2007 document, you can fix it with the help of inbuilt Open and Repair functionality provided by Microsoft: Click Office button and select Open in Word 2007. In Open dialog box, hit on corrupt document that you want to open and access. Then click on down arrow next to Open button and select 'Open and Repair' option. Word will repair the corrupted file. In case of severely damaged Word 2007 doc, Open and Repair utility fails to fix the issues. In that instant, it is recommended to use any reliable Word repair program to fix severely damaged Word 2007 files.

Application to detect and repair Word 2007 doc:

Yodot DOC Repair tool can assists user to detect and repair corrupted Word 2007 documents on Windows operating system. This utility mends Word DOCX and recovers OLE objects, text, header, footer, hyperlinks and actual font from Word file. Along with Word 2007, it can repair corrupt Word file from 2010, 2000, 2002, Word 2003 and 2013 versions of Microsoft Word. Program has built-in scanning module that automatically fixes large Word files and delivers healthy file. It can fix damaged Word files present in memory card, pen drive, SSD drives, external hard drive and other storage device formatted with FAT and NTFS file system. This utility is compatible on Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008 operating systems.

How to use Yodot DOC Repair software:

  • Download application by clicking on 'Download' button provided above
  • Install the product in your system by logging in as local system admin
  • Run the tool from shortcut icon on desktop
  • Detect for corrupted Word 2007 document using Browse option from main screen
  • After selecting Word 2007 file, click on 'Repair' option to initiate repair process
  • This utility will fix Word 2007 document and view the status using process bar
  • Upon completion of repair process, you can preview fixed Word 2007 doc
  • At last, save repaired Word 2007 file to desired location by using 'Save' option

Points to Note:

  • Do no change the format of Word 2007 document often
  • Always take backup of important Word 2007 files on reliable storage drives