How to Fix Corrupt Word Doc File?

Microsoft Office Word is a highly advanced and powerful third party application developed by Microsoft Corp and is made available for most of the operating systems like Windows, Mac, UNIX and others. Using this application, you can create Word documents quite easily and save them with the file extensions .doc or .docx.

As the work keeps going on, and when the users tries to access some Word files they may encounter some errors. These errors result in inaccessible Word document; no matter what application they try, users don’t get access to the corrupt DOC files. Relax! There is no need to get upset. You can easily get access to all the data saved in the Word file by using the services of effective Word repair tool which fixes the document file in no time and allows you view the document file in respective Word format.

Some of the notable features of latest Word application are as discussed below:

  • Newly designed tab makes it easy in finding different options of MS Word application
  • It provides the option to open and edit PDF files in Word
  • You can collapse and expand the Word document which helps you to see only the portion that is needed
  • Insert online videos in Word document and you can preview it inside the Word doc itself
  • Save and share the files on cloud, this avoids the user to carry his Word file in USB drives
  • File sharing has become very easy and can be performed without greater list of options
  • Special options are provided within this product so that you can synchronize the data with other devices

Using the above mentioned features, the user can create Word documents and access the data from the respective file accordingly. Sometimes Word file becomes irresponsive as a result of some faults in the application avoiding you the access its information. Just relax now! Being upset is probably not the best thing to do. Take a look at the repair applications that are available in the net and make use of the most recommended Word Repair Utility.

Take a note of most prominent reasons that may corrupt the Word DOC file:

  • Virus infection is the major concern for most of the computer experts as it can damage Doc files which are saved in the system
  • Sudden loss of power when the user is busy working on Word document can also leads to Doc file corruption
  • Abrupt interruption during the upgrading process of Word tool can cause serious damage to .doc files
  • Disruption during document transfer process from system to external media may corrupt the Doc files that are being processed making them inaccessible to the user
  • Existing Word documents also get damaged during the OS re-installation process

About DOC Repair Tool:

Encountering Word file corruption is of major disadvantage as the users will not be able to access the data saved in the file and thereby keeps their work incomplete. By using Yodot Doc Repair tool for fixing error in Microsoft Word Document is as easy as pie. Powerful repair algorithms which are installed within this product complete the repair process within short duration of time. With the help of simple graphical user interface that is carefully designed in this repair tool, you seldom get stuck in the repair process. The two file formats supported by this DOC repair tool are doc and docx respectively. Once the repair process gets completed, the repaired Doc file can be previewed and then saved to a safer place on the destination location as available to the user.

Step by step procedure to Fix the Doc File:

  • Login to the system using Local Administrators account
  • Using the download link to download the application in the computer
  • Once the download process gets completed, install the tool
  • After the completion of the installation process a short icon is placed on desktop
  • Run the program by clicking on the shortcut icon and follow the instructions provided on the main screen
  • Click on the Browse button to select the corrupted Word DOC file and press on the repair button
  • This will initiate the repair process and the user can view the progress using the progress bar
  • On completion of the repair process, you are provided with the option to select the destination location where the repaired Doc file can be saved

Safety Tips:

  • Avoid using the Word document on unsecured networks as it may damage the Doc file
  • Keep an updated antivirus protection installed in the system to prevent virus infection
  • Avoid improper exiting of the Word document