How to Recover Pictures from Word Document?

“Hello there. One of my important Word file is not opening. This document included many crucial pictures that were very important for me. Lastly when I was working on it, system turned off suddenly due to lack of power supply and now, whenever I try to open the file it shows error message stating that this document cannot be opened. So, how can I get back Word file to work normally? Please help, if you have any good solution to extract images from Word document.”

This situation is most frequently seen among Microsoft Word tool users and the cause for this disastrous situation is Word file corruption. Even though Microsoft Office Word facilitates its users with many attractive and efficient way of documenting a file, there are certain irregularities in its working due to which Word document can get corrupt. This will result in loss of contents like text, images, hyperlinks and other OLE objects from the Word document as it becomes inaccessible.

Before knowing how to fix the issue, let us have a look at few common scenarios that will lead to Word file damage:

  • Change in data bits of Word file while transferring it over internet may lead to CRC error causing Word file corruption
  • Viruses like Macros can severely damage read / write permissions of the document that leads to inaccessibility of DOC file
  • Word file can get corrupt due to compatibility issues, when the file created on one version is made to open in another version of Word application
  • When Microsoft Word version is upgraded, the existing Word files may be damaged due to errors during migration process
  • Further, malfunctioning of Word tool, abrupt termination of Word application when document is being accessed, wrong conversion / compression procedures, etc. may all add up to corruption of Word document

Nevertheless, Word documents that do not open due to various reasons as mentioned above can be easily fixed with the aid of excellent Word repair tool and you can successfully restore pictures and other Word file contents. But, before choosing any third party repair applications, one can try to fix corrupt Word files using inbuilt ‘Open and Repair’ utility provided by Microsoft. If this is not fruitful, then go for any best third party application.

Efficient way of restoring pictures from MS Word Document:

One of the most proficient and safest ways to renovate Word document is to use Yodot DOC Repair software. This program can explicitly fix corrupt Microsoft Word file so that pictures and other contents of the file can be recovered back without difficulty. One can repair DOC / DOCX file created on Word 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007 and MS Word 2010 versions. The repair application works compatibly on computers and laptops which run on Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003 and 2008 operating systems.

Steps to fix Word file and retrieve images from it:

  • Download and install Yodot DOC Repair tool on your Windows system where DOC file resides
  • Launch the product by following the guidelines
  • Next, select your corrupt Word document by clicking on browse button in the main screen
  • On clicking on repair button, software starts to scan selected Word file
  • After completion of repair process, view the Word file contents using preview option
  • Then select a destination location to save that repaired Word file and click on Save
  • All your pictures from the Word file is now accessible

Important Note:

  • Avoid malicious viruses by making use of efficient antivirus tool
  • While accessing / editing important Word documents follow proper procedure
  • Maintain regular backup of crucial documents to avoid unnecessary file loss