Fixing Errors in Word 2007 File

Microsoft Office Word 2007 is one of the most widely used versions of MS Word processor. This Word application plays vital role in schools, homes, offices, hospitals etc in order to write and store essential information. The main advantage of Word 2007 is that it offers many additional features like improvised interface, new templates, option to share documents confidently and many more. However similar to other files, even these Word 2007 documents gets corrupt due to many reasons; errors that occur while using or opening Word file is most common problem  faced by many MS Word 2007 users.

Let us consider some errors that pop up regularly:

  • “Word 2007 was unable to read this document. It may be corrupt”
  • “Word 2007 the file is corrupt and cannot be opened”
  • “Word 2007 there was an error opening the file”
  • “file not found' error when opening files in word 2007”

Usually the error showing Word 2007 files will have a problem with the header file or they might get corrupt due to virus attack and you can repair Microsoft Word 2007 document most of the time using inbuilt “Open and Repair” option. However, sometimes due to critical errors this built-in option might fail to fix error showing Word 2007 files. Let us have a look into some of those error messages:

  •  “The document name or path is not valid”
  • “Word cannot open the document: user does not have access privileges”
  • “Word cannot open the document”
  • “Encoding error”, “Word file conversion error”, CRC error, etc

When Word 2007 shows these errors, you can fix them using any Word 2007 file repair software. You can make use of Yodot DOC Repair software to repair corruption errors in Word 2007 document.

Tool to fix Word 2007 errors:

Yodot DOC Repair is used to effectively fix MS Word 2007 errors on Windows desktop or laptop. The advanced techniques incorporated in this repair software helps you to fix severely corrupt Word 2007 documents due to any of above mentioned errors. The best thing about this software is it doesn’t modify the source Word documents while fixing its corruption issues. This software repairs both DOC and DOCX Word documents and successfully recovers its attributes like text along with formatting, hyperlinks, tables, charts, OLE objects etc. Along with Word 2007 files, software provides assured repair process for all versions of Microsoft Office Word applications such as Word 2000, 2002, 2003, 2010 and 2013 The software easily runs on all the latest Windows operating system including Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP, Windows Server 2008 and 2003.

Steps to repair Microsoft Word 2007 errors:

  • Download the software and install Yodot DOC Repair on your Windows PC
  • Open the software and follow the main screen steps
  • Browse and choose the inaccessible Word 2007 file, which is to be repaired and click on "Repair" button
  • The program starts the repair process and you can observe repair process on progress bar available
  • As the process completes, you will be able to preview the Word 2007 document before saving
  • Save the fixed Microsoft Word 2007 file to your desired location

Useful tips:

  • Backup your essential Word 2007 documents in some other storage devices
  • Use genuine anti-virus software in order to avoid Microsoft Word 2007 file corruption
  • Do not perform unnecessary mouse clicks on error displaying Word 2007 documents