How to Repair Corrupt Microsoft Word Document?

Microsoft Office Word documents are the most preferred file formats that are used among all computer professionals. This application has so many inbuilt features installed in it that allows you to complete the task quite easily without taking much effort. Some of its well known features like font options to choose and font sizes can be changed accordingly, color, background color, auto correct options can be used with simple key strokes; with the inclusion of clip board, the user can add or edit pictures in his Word document, etc.

The Word files are saved in two file formats like doc and docx based on the version of Microsoft Office Word. Though easy to use, these Word documents are liable to corruption and become inaccessible for number of reasons. For an instance, while saving the document in computer there might be sudden power that leads to abrupt system shutdown and forcefully closes all the applications running on the system. You were unable to open your Word file after restarting system and the various techniques applied in getting back the information saved in Word file go in vain without any success.

Calm yourself! Your MS Word file has been corrupted but not the information that is saved in it. Using the services of the Office file repair tool, the user in no time can repair Word inaccessible files and access its data that was saved in it. Thus work can be resumed without any more delay as saved Word file can be accessed without any trouble.

Take a look at the scenarios that cause damage to the Word documents:

  • Macro viruses enter the system from different sources and damage the header of respective Word files which stores all information about particular Word document, thereby making it accessible
  • Sudden loss of power when the user is updating Word document can result in its corruption, which avoids access to doc file thereby causing loss of valuable information
  • Abrupt termination of Word application when some work is being carried out have an effect on the Microsoft Office Word documents, hence corrupting the Word files
  • There might be some chances that the Word documents may get damaged when the upgradation process of Word tool is halted abruptly

Overview of Word Repair tool:

There is no need to worry if your important Word document is corrupted. Install Yodot DOC Repair tool in the system and easily follow step by step procedure to repair Word document and get back access to word document data. The powerful Word file repair installed in the tool helps you in repairing Word files within short duration of time so that the user can resume his work as soon as possible. Upon completion of repair process, options are provided to preview the Word file contents after which you can save it to desired destination location respectively. The demo version of this repair tool comes in handy just in case if you need to check your chances of repairing and recovering information from a particular Word file.

Procedure to fix Microsoft Word document:

  • Download Yodot DOC Repair and install the software to Windows OS
  • To install the application the user must be logged in as local system administrator
  • Launch the product and click on the Browse button that is available to you on main screen to select required Word document
  • After selecting respective doc/docx file, use Repair button to start the repair process gradually
  • The progress bar gives you the report of Word file repair process
  • On completion of repair process, software displays you the notification that repair process has been completed successfully
  • Use Preview option to view fixed DOC / DOCX file
  • After previewing the Word document you can save it to respective drive as available to host operating system user

Backup Tips:

  • Install good antivirus protection in computer to prevent virus infection
  • Avoid terminating the application abruptly
  • Keep a good source of power backup to prevent sudden system shut down