Get Back Data from Corrupted Word File

MS Word is an extensively used application from MS Office suite for creating editing and sharing documents having important work information. Though MS Word has simplified the process of documentation and information sharing; users often experience issues and cannot access their valuable data from Word file. In simple words, Word documents are highly exposed to various corruption issues and it has become concern for users as they lose their data from time to time.

Word document is corrupted when it has logical inconsistencies and it cannot be opened with MS Word program. If you get error message while opening Word document it means file is corrupt and it cannot be accessed further. Followings are typical symptoms of Word file corruption after that you get troubled in accessing data from specific Word document:

  • When Word document is corrupted after effect of Macro virus attacks
  • You won’t be able to open Word document if is saved on hard drive which is affected with bad sectors
  • If the MS Office Word is crashed, you may lose your essential information contained in Word documents
  • Use of faulty Word file recovery tool may render the recovered Word document in corrupted state and causes loss of data present in it
  • Abrupt closing of MS Word application or sudden shutdown of computer while Word document is opened or edited  can result in corrupted Word document
  • Sometimes, your Word file gets corrupted after importing it from different computer

Generally, when a Word documents is corrupted it becomes unreadable to users; but it is not an unresolved issue. Yes, any user can recover precious data from corrupted Word documents by making them readable for processing again. This can be achieved easily with the help of any convenient Word repair tool.

Word document data recovery tool!

Yodot DOC Repair is designed for repairing Microsoft Word documents that are corrupted, damaged or unreadable due to any reason. This Word file repair software uses smart algorithm to scan corrupted Word file and recovers all data from it. For an instance, it can recover images from Word document along with text, tables, embedded graphics, fields, hyperlinks, OLE objects etc with actual headers and footers from Word file. This MS Word file repair program can recover data from Word documents with .doc and .docx file formats created on MS Office Word 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013 versions. This is a virus free and read only application that repairs Word documents without modifying its original data. You can avail this tool to retrieve data from Word files on all popular Windows computers and laptops working with Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008 OS versions.

Guidelines to use software for retrieving data from corrupt Word file

  • Download Yodot DOC Repair program to your Windows desktop / laptop
  • Launch the application to after installation is done
  • In the main screen, make use of “Browse” button to search and select your corrupted Word file
  • After selecting corrupted Word document, click on “Repair” button to initiate repair operation
  • The application scans corrupted Word file and extract it’s data
  • After Word file repair is completed, save it to your selected destination location on your computer hard drive

Helpful Tips!

  • Save your Word document properly before you terminate MS Word application
  • Install efficient anti-virus program to keep your Word documents secure from Macro viruses