Best Way to Fix Unreadable Word Documents

“You spend several hours writing and working on a thesis for your business project and suddenly a power surge occurred which resulted in improper system termination. However when you restarted your system and re-opened the document file, all the letters and words had changed into unreadable symbols and lines. You have no clue what has gone wrong, those Word files are due to in few days and you are looking for a way to solve the issue”

Microsoft Word is one of the most used desktop application in the world, it is used everywhere in places such as schools, hospitals, home, companies and many more. People often use Word to write thesis and important notes, however even these files are not free from corruption. In these kinds of situations, you think that your whole work has gone to waste. But the actual truth is that these corrupted files can be fixed easily; go through this article to find out.

Some of the main reasons that make Word files unreadable are:

  • Application Malfunction: Sometimes Microsoft Office suite might not be installed completely and creating document using this MS Word corrupts the file making it unreadable
  • Macro Virus Infection: Viruses / malware infection on the Word file is one of the main reason for Word document corruption
  • Abnormal System Termination: Word file also get corrupt and unreadable, if you shut down the computer improperly when using the Word file
  • Round Tripping: Tripping is a process in which, you can convert one Word file format to another and again back to the initial format. During this process there are chances of Word file getting corrupt and unreadable

How to how to repair and read unreadable Word document?

You can use two methods to fix a Word document file, minor corruption to the Word file can be repaired by following the below procedure:

Run MS Office application->Click the Microsoft Office button, and then Open->Select your corrupt Word file->After selecting, click the arrow after the “Open” button and select “Open and Repair” option

If the problem is not solved, then use Yodot DOC Repair software to fix your corrupt Word file. The tool uses powerful repair mechanism to repair even severely corrupt Word document file (.doc and .docx), it repairs documents along with its text, formatting, tables, OLE objects, charts etc and is compatible to run on all the latest Windows family for example Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2008 and 2003

Repair Procedure

  • Download Yodot DOC Repair software by clicking on the “Download Now” button
  • Run the software and follow the steps
  • Browse for the corrupt Word file by using “Browse” button
  • After selection, click on the “Repair” button to start the repair process
  • The tool repairs the unreadable Word file, which can be tracked by looking at the progress bar
  • After completion, you can preview the DOC file header before saving
  • Finally, save the repaired files to your desired location

Things To Remember

  • Make your important Word files “Read only” to prevent unwanted modification
  • Don’t terminate Microsoft Word improperly
  • Backup your important Word files on multiple storage device like pen drive, CDs and DVDs
  • Install a good antivirus program to combat deadly viruses