DOC Repair - Recovery Tool Error

Data loss is a common concern for all computer users. Especially for those who use word processing software because it is really frustrating if you lose an important work document due to unforeseen situations.

People come across many circumstances of data loss of their critical Word Documents, for example due to accidental deletion, drive formatting, OS re-installation, system crash etc. Lots of people use recovery tools to regain their data back, but the question is that "Is the recovery software successful every time?"

If your hard disk space is full, then the Word files that are stored are more likely to be fragmented. So, the recovery software will scan the memory space and will recover only that much part of the file which was present in the continuous sectors of the memory. For this reason the DOC / DOCX file will be partially recovered. Hence, making it corrupt and unaccesible to you.

Why Yodot DOC Repair is the right repair tool?

Yodot DOC Repair tool is exceptionally designed to repair corrupted and inaccessible DOC / DOCX files that refuse to open. Facilitates preview option to know whether repair of your Word file was successful or not. If found, it also repairs and recovers other MS Word attributes like text font, header, footer, tables, clip arts, charts, word arts, tables, hyperlinks, OLE objects etc. Extremely secure – as the software does not modify the contents of the original Word file, rather it extracts the contents and creates a new repaired Word file.

How it works to repair a Word Document?

As you choose a damaged DOC / DOCX file which is to be repaired, the software starts scanning the memory space were the file is residing. After validating the DOC file signature, it searches the text structure and repairs it by copying it into a new blank Word Document. Along with the text, it also collects other Word items if found and save them to the repaired file. In worst scenarios, it even has the raw search mechanism in which whatever possible text found will be collected with other items. The Word file items that can be repaired and recovered are text ASCII, text Unicode, text in table, fragmented text, image, image in table, fragmented image, word art, chart, auto Shapes, drawings etc.  

Guidelines for using the software

Is your Word file corrupt or damaged and you are not able to access it, then use Yodot DOC Repair software to repair it and recover the data from the file as much as possible.

  • Download the software and install it in your system
  • Exit Microsoft Office Word before running the software
  • As the first window appears, browse to select the damaged Word file that you need to repair
  • Then click on the “Repair” button and start the repair process
  • You can see the progress bar indicating the ongoing repair process
  • As it finishes, the software will show a message that the file is repaired successfully
  • Click on the “Preview” option, to view the DOC / DOCX file
  • Save the repaired Word file to the desired location by browsing and selecting the destination location


  • Backup is the most important and the simplest way to avoid data loss
  • Use quality antivirus program to prevent Word File corruption due to virus infections
  • Defragment your hard disk data so that it can work more efficiently. It also avoids corruption or damage of files during recovery process
  • Exit Microsoft Word properly to avoid damage to the file content