How to Fix Word 2000 Document?

“I use Office Word 2000 on my Windows desktop. I downloaded a DOC file from internet. During this process, there were interruptions in the network connectivity. Thus the Word file is corrupt and unreadable now. Can anyone please suggest me good solution to fix this issue, because that DOC file has crucial information.”

Microsoft Office 2000 DOC file was the earliest Word document used by Windows users. Very fewer users still use Windows Office 2000 to access documents. As DOC files are used for multiple purposes, users face many critical situations that cause loss of DOC files due to corruption / damage. Given below are few reasons that cause inaccessibility of Word 2000 documents on Windows systems:

  • Viruses infections like macros, Trojan Horse, etc. will corrupt the file thus making it inaccessible
  • Mal functioning of MS Word tool while editing / creating DOC files will also lead to file corruption
  • CRC error is another factor that accounts for Word 2000 file corruption
  • Interruptions while moving / transferring Word DOC files on your Windows system can make the file to be broken
  • Round tripping i.e. converting the Word file to other format and reconverting it to same file format can severely damage the Word document
  • Sometimes using unsecured third party tools to access DOC files will also damage file
  • Also, file system corruption and hard drive corruption can also render Word file corruption

There are many other causes that lead to corruption of of Office 2000 documents. But there is nothing to worry as corrupted Word 2000 file can be successfully fixed with the aid of reliable Word file repair software.

Which is the appropriate tool to fix Word 2000 file?

One can opt for Yodot DOC Repair software to repair all types of corrupted Word documents. This program is totally hassle free and can fix damaged Word files created on Word 2000, Word 2003, Word 2002, Office Word 2007 and also Word 2010 versions of MS Office. It completely scans the Word file and fixes all irregularities associated with that file thus making it accessible. You can utilize this repair software to mend Microsoft Word DOC / DOCX files on computers or laptops working on Windows Vista, XP, 7, 8, Windows Server 2003 and Windows 2008 OS.

How to use this Word file repair utility?

  • Download Yodot DOC Repair software from the website and install on your Windows computer
  • Launch the product by following the instructions
  • As the program activates, in the main screen select the corrupt Word 2000 file
  • Use ‘Browse’ button to search the file to be repaired
  • Click on “Repair” button to start the repair process
  • The status of repair process can be monitored by viewing the progress bar
  • After completion of Word file repair, the contents of repaired file can viewed before saving itself
  • Use Data view or File Type view to preview new Word document
  • At last, save your repaired Word DOC file to your desired destination location

Important Tips:

  • Close Microsoft Word application before repair process
  • Keep multiple copies of crucial documents on various storage devices
  • Check for proper connectivity during download / transfer of DOC files
  • Avoid viruses by employing powerful antivirus software on your desktop / laptop