Fix Word Cannot Open Corrupt File Error

“I have many Word files on my Windows system. Yesterday I found that some of Word files are no more useful, so I shift deleted those Word file. But along with unwanted Word files, I even permanently deleted few important Word documents. Often using file recovery software, somehow I recovered those Word files. However, that happiness is no more with me because when I tried to open restored Word documents; I am getting error that went ‘Word cannot open corrupt file’ on Windows PC. How should I repair corrupt Word files?”

In above discussed scenario “Word cannot open corrupt file” error indicates that Word files got corrupted because of file recovery software. Invalid file retrieval tool used to recover deleted Word files may results in Word file corruption. Word files may also get corrupt due to malicious virus or malware infection. Along with these factors, there are many reasons for Word cannot open corrupt file error message, some of them include:

  • Sudden system shutdown while Word file is in use
  • Disruptions while downloading MS Word documents
  • Recurrently changing file extension of Word file
  • Storage device corruption where Word files are saved

To overcome Word cannot open corrupt file error and corruption issues with Microsoft Office Word document, always backup your essential Word files on external storage devices. In case you don’t possess multiple copies of corrupt Word file, then make use of appropriate Word file repair software like Yodot DOC Repair.

Corrupt Word file repair tool:

Yodot DOC Repair is one of the accurate software used to fix MS Word files corrupted and showing error Word cannot open corrupt file on Windows system. This tool has advanced built in algorithms to scan corrupt Word file and repair damaged portion of that Word document containing text, animations, hyperlinks, images, formatting, OEL objects and so on. This software supports fixing of MS Word files of various versions such as Microsoft Word 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013. Along with Word cannot open corrupt file error, you can also fix Word document not available error, Word cannot start the converter Mswrd632.wpc error, Microsoft Word encoding error, Word save failed due to out of memory or disk space error, etc. Furthermore you can easily install this software on Windows laptop or desktop running with Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows server 2008 and Windows 2003 operating systems.

Procedure to repair Word cannot open corrupt file error:

  • Download Yodot DOC Repair application and install it to your Windows system
  • Run the software by login as system admin and start the repair process
  • Browse and select the corrupt Word file showing error
  • Next click on the “Repair” button to begun corrupt Word document repair process
  • View the corrupt Word file repair process status in progress bar
  • After successful completion of corrupt Word file, this tool will display fixed Word document with its file description
  • And finally click on “Save” button to save your fixed corrupt file

Precautionary Tips:

  • Maintain good and updated anti-virus software and avoid suspicious virus attacks on your Word files
  • Do not close MS Word application abruptly and avoid unnecessary mouse click when Word document is not responding
  • Don’t change file extension of Word file repeatedly