Repair Word Error Could Not be Launched Because of Shared Library Error

“Currently I am using Microsoft Word 2007 file on my Windows computer. Everything was going fine but don’t know what happened, Word file started behaving strangely and used to freeze repeatedly. I tried every possible ways to overcome this issue but failed in it. Till yesterday it was showing unusual behavior, but today it started showing error message that ‘Could not be launched because of a shared library error’. What shall I do to remove this error because it is not letting me to view content of my Word file’?”

While using Word file on your Windows computer, you might come across shared library error which completely blocks Word file from opening. The shared library error message of Microsoft Word occurs if you frequently use your computer to do tasks such as running applications, copying files, playing games and so on. This error will initially cause Word file to load slowly or freeze frequently and at last damage it and stops user from accessing contents from it.

Before you step forward to fix shared library error message, you need to understand what causes this error message to appear. Usually this type of error message is displays when your computer has harmful virus, spyware or malware threats. Apart from this, you would also get shared library error message when you have not installed or updated Microsoft Word tool properly. This leads to startup issue as well as registry error and overtime the errors begin to accumulate and finally results in making Word file inaccessible. The only way to get rid of this error is fixing it by utilizing good Word Repair software.

Tool to remove Word file shared library error:

Yodot DOC Repair software is the one which will assist you to remove error ‘Word could not be launched because of a shared library error’ displaying on your Windows computer. It has powerful scanning technology which will help you to repair not only Word documents, but also to recover its components such as text, header, footer, charts, tables, hyperlinks and so on. This application facilitate assured repair of Word documents created on Microsoft Word 2000, Microsoft Word 2002, Microsoft Word 2003, Microsoft Word 2007, Microsoft Word 2010 and Microsoft Word 2013. It can fix Microsoft Word document in DOC and DOCX file formats from various storage drives on PC or notebook working with Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003 and Server 2008 OS versions. The demo version of this Word file repair tool is freely available and you can download it to check how to repair Word document.

Note: If you have Mac computer in which you are getting shared library error message, then this software will not help you to fix the issue, as it works only computer running with Windows operating systems.

Easy and understandable procedure to fix Word files showing shard library error:

  • Download Yodot DOC Repair software and install it to your Windows computer
  • After going through various steps to install software, run it to begin the Word file repair process
  • Select Word file which displays shared library error and go further by clicking on “Repair”
  • Once the repair process gets completed, you will find a window indicating successful Word file repair
  • Preview repaired Word file for confirmation and at last save it on a desired location

Points to Remember:

  • Keep deleting temporary files from your computer if you do not wish to get shared library error message
  • Do not allow viruses to enter your system and download any good antivirus software on your Windows computer