How to Repair Word File Which Fails to Open?

Nowadays everyone is familiar with the Microsoft Office Word application. This Word application is used to create documents and save the file to a specific location as required by the user.

Microsoft Office Word application is considered to be the most powerful tool for creating, editing, formatting, and printing Word documents. Microsoft Office Word has become a highly desired tool for performing various tasks be it at home or for business purposes. Even though there are many advanced versions of the Microsoft Office Word tool, then also there are chances that the Word document gets corrupted due to many reasons. Once this file gets corrupted, you won’t be able to access any information that was saved in the respective Word file.

There is no need to get anxious or worried! Indeed, you are not able to access the information saved in the document but you can repair the doc file and easily get to know how to repair a word document that fails to open by using the services of the word file repair tool effectively.

Why Can't I Open a Word Document?

Quick Ways to fix MS Word file cannot Open Error

Method 1: Trust Center settings

New versions in MS Word have a stricter security policy on downloaded files or copied files. Sometimes you will not be able to open a Word file because you might have Enabled Protected View”.This can be fixed by changing the policy. Here’s how:

If still, you are not able to Oper word document try to change the component security settings which is explained in the next method.

Method 2: Change Component Security

Sometimes your Word document is prevented from opening by the windows security level, and in that case, you need to change “Component Security” Settings to default. Here’s how you can change it.

If the above methods don’t work out you need a Word Document Repair tool to fix the word document not opening.

Method 3: Fix The Word Doc That Won't Open using Word Document Repair Tool

To get access back to the Word document that is not opening properly, you need the most powerful repair tool known as Yodot DOC Repair which has all the desired features so that the user does not find any difficulty in repairing and rescuing the information stored in the Word file. This is the Read-only application, which when installed in the system does not affect source files and other files or tools that are already present in the computer.

Steps to Fix The Word Doc That Won't Open

Things to Remember:

  • Make all your important Word documents Read-only, so that there is no modification done to the respective file
  • Exit your Word document with proper procedure and install an effective antivirus application to keep viruses at bay

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