How to Fix Microsoft Word When It Is Not Responding?

Microsoft Word is a software application that allows you to perform the word processing. You may use MS Word to create documents such as letters, resumes, invitations, term papers, novels and much more! MS Word is noted as the most stable text editor with hundreds of handy features. However every coin has two sides, MS Word also comes with its own share of troubles. Even a simple mistake will make your important Word document inaccessible or corrupt. For example consider the below scenario,

“From past one weak I was working on my project report on MS Word, but today suddenly it got freeze and an error message appears on the top of the menu that reads ‘Microsoft Word is not responding’ with an hour glass constantly running. So, I have no choice but to terminate the Word application by through task manager and restarted it again. After when I restarted my computer, I tried to open my file but it was not opening itself. I need to submit the project report by tomorrow. If anyone knows how to fix this problem, then please help me!!”

What are the causes for MS Word not responding?

There are several reasons behind “MS Word not responding” bug, despite that the third party add-ons and plug-ins are believed as the biggest troublemakers. It is also believed that malware and virus infection can cause Word application to malfunction. If other programs are conflicting with MS Word application then you will get these errors.


If you’re suffering from this Word error message, then don’t worry. The MS Word will allow you to fix your Word documents that are not responding, but the only thing is you need to follow this procedure.

The very first thing you should do is to identify any add-on third party application that you might sync with your MS Word. To do this, you need to run Word in safe mode and then turn off these third party add-ons and restart your system.

Here’s how you can start your Word in safe mode:

Click start -> point to all programs -> Microsoft Office -> press and hold the Ctrl key, and click on MS Word.

Then also if you’re not able to recover your Word files then you can use any of the third party Word repair software. Yodot DOC Repair is one of the prominent repair software which is used by many of the users to repair their Word documents.

How to fix not responding Word file?

Yodot DOC Repair tool uniquely designed to repair and recover the corrupt or inaccessible Word file by extracting its contents and rebuilding a new healthy Word file. This software not only repairs, but it also restores Word file with its actual fonts, header/footer, clip art, text, hyperlinks, etc. This tool will support repair of DOC/DOCX file formats created from different MS Word versions like MS Word 2000, MS Word 2002, MS Word 2003, MS Word 2007 and MS Word 2010. Yodot DOC Repair will work compatibly on Windows 7, XP, Vista, 2000, 2003 and even on latest Windows 8 operating system to fix damaged Word documents without caring about the severity of corruption.

Steps to follow while using Yodot DOC Repair tool:

Useful tips:

  • Avoid terminating the Word application abruptly
  • Don’t save the repaired Word file into the same location from where you are repairing

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