How to Repair Crashed MS Word File?

“It’s was very late at night, I was working on MS Word and all of a sudden the application crashed; I received a message stating to restart the application again. When I did, the document failed to open and even after trying multiple times, I was shown the same message again. The Word document contained all the work which I needed for the next day. So how can I repair my crashed Word Document?”

Reason for the above problem: MS Word offers many advanced features to make your Word file attractive like allowing you to create table and etc. If you implement these features in a wrong way, then your MS Word application crashes and becomes corrupt.

Solution: If you are encountering the above problem, then it is suggested to run Open and Repair utility to fix your corrupted Word file. However this application is handy in repairing only minor MS Word file corruption. So if your DOC or DOCX file is severely corrupt due to application crash, then using repair software is the best way to resolve your problem.

Some of the other reasons behind Word document corruption are:

  • Macro Virus Infections: Macro virus attack on MS Word file may corrupt its header and makes it inaccessible
  • Incorrectly Terminating Word File: Sudden power failure or abnormal system termination while using the MS Word file will lead to incorrectly termination of Word file
  • Changing the file extension: MS Word file also gets corrupt, if you change the file extension of the document file from one to another
  • Transfer Error: Interruption while transferring MS Word file from one device to another also sometimes result in Word file corruption
  • Other Reasons: Other reasons include application corruption, hardware malfunction, file system corruption and many more

How to Repair Word file corruption?

Yodot DOC Repair tool is a very popular and a well known repair utility, which is used to repair and retrieve all text, images, tables and other elements from your corrupt Microsoft Word document. It is a robust application, which doesn’t alter or add any new data to the MS Word file during the repair process. The tool uses powerful repair mechanism to fix both minor and severely corrupt Word document file.

Procedure to repair Word files using the software

  • Download the repair application and install the software to your desktop computer
  • Run the application and follow the onscreen steps
  • Use “Browse” button to locate your corrupt MS Word file
  • After choosing repair the Word file by clicking on “Repair” button
  • The software starts the repair process
  • After completion, you can preview the header of the fixed Word file
  • Finally save the repaired Word file to your desired location


  • The best way to avoid data loss is by backing up the data
  • Install a powerful antivirus software to remove harmful viruses from storage media
  • Always defragment your hard disk this helps you avoid corruption or damage of files during recovery process
  • Always save your documents before exiting MS Word