Bring Back Adobe Files

“I had a folder in my computer named ‘Adobe’ in which I had stored entire adobe files which I had created using Adobe application. Yesterday night I had downloaded one file from internet and since then, I cannot find the folder containing adobe files. I guess my system is infected with viruses due to the file download and as a consequence, adobe files are missing from it. Does anyone know how to recover adobe files from my computer?”.

Adobe has various applications and popular one is Photoshop, Acrobat InDesign and Dreamweaver. Each application has different features and functions. Acrobat reader and InDesign application solely opens PDF and INDD files whereas Photoshop and Dreamweaver allows you to open PSD and HTML files. All Adobe applications facilitate you to view multiple files at once by switching between different windows and arrange them according to your need. Nowadays, most of the computer users store Adobe files to carry out their daily work on it.

Even though, storing Adobe files in your computer is a good idea, situation like above can make you lose precious files. Hence holding another copy or utilizing Windows backup could help you to escape from data loss situation like above and as listed below:

  • Sometimes you may unknowingly format wrong drive containing Adobe files without examining files present in it
  • Adobe files from your computer or external storage devices might get disappear due to the impact of third party application like antivirus software
  • You may unknowingly hit on Adobe files to delete while erasing unwanted files from your system
  • Clearing Recycle Bin folder without checking its contents will delete entire data along with Adobe files if they are stored upon it

In order to raise the chances of Adobe file recovery, you should not attempt to save any data especially those which have same size of the deleted one to the location in which Adobe files were originally located.

Adobe File Recovery software:

Yodot File Recovery software is the highly trusted software which can take you out from data loss issues. As you can find in its name, this utility can be used to restore any files irrespective of their size; (However, the application does not support few media files). It is read only software which only takes information from respective drive and creates another healthy and accessible copy of it. You will be able to recover files after power outage, accidental deletion, file transfer error, forceful system shut down, virus attacks and many other unusual data loss instances. One can restore HTML, HTM, PDF, SWF, FLV, F4V, INDD and other file formats which has been created using Adobe application. If you want to restore particular Adobe file, then you can choose only that file and restore it by ignoring rest of them. Along with this, you will get an option called “show deleted files” which will show only deleted one to make Adobe file recovery easy and less time consuming. In case you have lost Adobe files from external storage device, then also you can restore them by just connecting and running this outstanding file retrieval application.

Note:If you want to recover Adobe files which save in mage format, then you are suggested to download Yodot Photo Recovery software for better results.

Procedure to restore Adobe files on Windows system:

  • Download Yodot Photo Recovery software and install it to your Windows computer
  • Run the tool to start the recovery of deleted or lost adobe files
  • Main screen emerges with two options which are “Deleted File Recovery” and “Lost File Recovery”
  • Click on any one option to go to next screen
  • Next screen displays all the drives present in your computer
  • Press upon any partition or externally connected drive and then proceed further by clicking on “Next”
  • Wait till the scanning process gets completed and then select files which you need to retrieve back
  • By utilizing “Data View” and “File Type View” option, you can easily select files which you need to restore
  • Once the files are recovered, save them on a safe and accessible location

Essential Tips:

  • Delete Adobe files only after you check it twice or thrice and take backup of important Adobe Photoshop files
  • Make sure that you rely on authorized antivirus software to scan and examine your computer hard drive

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