How to Recover DBF Files?

Written by Lucy John on April 27, 2023

DBF (DataBase file) is a file format which is used in Dbase and FoxPro database. It can be usually opened in Microsoft Excel or Access. DBF files are mainly utilized to organize data like financial records, Customer lists and product inventories in every sector such as organizations, educational institutions, companies etc. While Database file was initially one of the best-selling software titles, it ended up losing major market value when programs like Microsoft Access and FoxPro has been introduced. But still many newer database applications still use the .dbf file extension for their database files.

Most of the times, these files contains information which are confidential to particular company or organization. But situations never remain stable and you might lose DBF file present in your computer as a result of various reasons. Few important causes for loss of DBF files are as follows:

Even though above problems seems critical, there is a way to overcome them if you act quick actions. But before that you should make sure that the hard drive in which you have saved important DBF file is not used after data loss. By keeping this point in mind, download fine file recovery software like Yodot File Recovery on your Windows computer.

Application to recover DBF File

File Recovery tool is a user friendly solution to recover deleted/lost DBF files which does not require any special user skills. It will clearly examine your storage device to search for lost as well as deleted DBF files and thereafter recover them. Along with DBF files, you can recover MDB and ACCDB database on Windows computer. This software provides a wizard-driven interface to ensure that users of any level of experience can easily and quickly recover data from their storage device. The software also features indestructibility and does not change whatever files you have saved in storage device. Through license version of Yodot File Recovery tool, you can save and view recovered files without facing any difficulties.

Procedure to get back DBF files:

Important points

  • Be careful while deleting any file from Command Prompt function as it bypasses Recycle Bin and makes you lose them permanently
  • Do not install recovery software on the same drive from where you lost your DBF file as it might occupy deleted space

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