Restore Deleted Files from Desktop on Windows 8

There are various reasons accountable for deletion of files from Windows 8 computer, but I accidentally deleted certain crucial files while removing unwanted icons from desktop on Windows 8 PC. Now I need those files back, is there any possible ways for getting back deleted files from Windows 8 desktop? Please help me with your valuable suggestion, thanks a lot!”

Have you deleted files from desktop on Windows 8 system?

If you did, don’t worry! Files won’t get permanently deleted from desktop on Windows 8 system, because they remain on same location where they were stored. You can restore such deleted files by choosing correct method until deleted file are not overwritten by new file’s content on Windows 8 hard drive. So make sure that you don’t save new data to Windows 8 computer until you recover erased files from its desktop.

Scenarios where files may get deleted from Windows 8 desktop are:

  • Sometimes, using improper third party tools for enhancing system performance can result in deletion of files from Windows 8 desktop
  • Files deleted from Windows 8 desktop using Shift delete keys will bypass Recycle Bin folder and permanently get erased
  • Deleting important files mistakenly from Windows 8 desktop and emptying its Recycle bin without checking its content will delete those files forever

As above mentioned causes may occur at any point of time, so maintain more than one copy of important data as a precaution to prevent deletion of files. If backup of vital files on Windows 8 desktop are not taken, then users can make use of reliable file retrieval tool to get deleted data from desktop on Windows 8 computer.

Windows 8 deleted file recovery tool:

Yodot File Recovery is trusted utility for recovering deleted files on Windows 8 desktop. Using different list of options present in these utility, users can retrieve various file formats that are deleted from Windows 8 desktop like MS Office documents, RAR files, ZIP files, PDF files, basic media file types, etc. This read-only recovery tool makes sure that files deleted will be recovered without getting changed and files saved on computer on which this tool is installed will remain safe during file restoration process. This deleted file recovery tool can restore accidentally deleted files from Windows 8 desktop; it is also possible to get back lost or erased data from Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008 OS version based computers and laptop hard disk drives.

Steps for retrieving deleted files from Windows 8 desktop:

  • Download and install File Recovery tool in the system with help of admin account
  • On completion of installation, run the application from main screen and click on ‘Deleted File Recovery’ option and move onto next tab
  • Select hard drive from where files have been deleted and proceed to next window
  • Mark all file types that have been deleted and initiate scanning of Windows 8 hard drive
  • Once recovery process is concluded, view list of files in ‘Data View’ or ‘File Type View’
  • Select and save restored files to available storage location on hard drive other than source location

Tips to Note:

  • Always check Recycle Bin twice before emptying it on Windows 8 computer
  • Choose read only option on your file to prevent it from being deleted
  • Save recovered files to different storage location other than source location from where files were deleted

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