Recover Deleted Files from NTFS and FAT Drives

NTFS is the most used file system type utilised in almost all Windows system hard drives and external hard drives to maintain information about each and every file that has created / saved in it. At the same time traditional FAT file system is majorly used in removable storage devices like memory cards, pen drives, Memory Sticks and many more. As both internal and external storage devices used to store as well as share files, NTFS and FAT file systems plays vital importance in organizing data on respective drives.

Controversially, often users may mistakenly delete files from Windows hard drive or other portable devices formatted with NFTS or FAT file system. Perhaps sometimes accidental deletion of files from NTFS / FAT drives might end up with complete removal of those files. Let us discuss reasons behind permanent deletion of files from NTFS and FAT drives:

  • Employing Shift – Delete keys on essential files by coincidence can permanently delete files from FAT or NTFS drives on PC
  • Suspicious virus attack on Windows hard drive having NTFS or FAT file system might delete infected files
  • Unintentionally deleting files on Windows PC and emptying Recycle Bin can also results in complete deletion of files from NTFA or FAT hard drive
  • Formatting NTFS or FAT drive involuntarily on Windows system can erase plenty of files stored in it
  • Using “Delete” / “Delete All” option on multiple files stored in portable storage devices functioning with FAT file system is most considerable factor for permanent deletion of files

When you delete a file from NTFS or FAT drives, its content is not destroyed immediately. Only reference to that file get remove, whereas one can restore it until and unless that memory space is not overwritten by new file. Therefore using reliable file recovery software one can restore deleted files from NTFS or FAT drives efficiently.

NTFS and FAT file recovery tool:

Yodot File Recovery is one of the best file retrieval program used to restore deleted files from NTFS and FAT drives on Windows system. This tool is compatible in recovering unintentionally deleted files from Window internal hard drive, external hard drives, pen drives, flash card and lot more devices formatted with NTFS / FAT file system. You can significantly bring back deleted as well as missing documents, text files, compressed files, photo files, music files, video clips and other files from NTFS & FAT drives. Along with NTFS / NTFS5 and FAT (FAT16 / FAT32) drives, you can also restore files from ExFAT drives on Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2003 operating systems.

Steps to recover deleted files from NTFS and FAT drives:

Note: Connect external NTFS and FAT drive to a healthy Windows computer and proceed with below mentioned steps to rescue deleted files.

  • Download and install File Recovery tool to a Windows PC
  • Launch installed application and stick to on-screen instructions
  • Two options will be display in first screen which are “Deleted File Recovery” and “Lost File Recovery”
  • Use “Deleted File Recovery” option to restore deleted files from NTFS and FAT drives
  • Then, this tool displays all logical and external devices connected to that Windows system
  • Select NTFS or FAT partition / drive from which deleted files are to be restored and let it get scan completely
  • Soon after scanning procedure gets complete, you will find all reusable files from it
  • Mark the files which you want to regain back and click on “next” button
  • At end, save recovered files to desired location on Windows hard drive, however not to the same NTFS and FAT drives to prevent overwriting of data


  • Confirm twice before deleting multiple files from NTFS and FAT drives
  • Do not store new data on Windows hard drive or other portable devices in order to avoid data overwriting
  • Maintain powerful anti-virus software on Windows computer to avoid virus attack

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