Undelete Files from Pen Drive on Windows 8

“I have connected pen drive to Windows 8 computer in order to get certain files from it. After copying few files I have opened the drive that indicated pen drive. But instead of pasting copied content, Windows displayed a message that there is no sufficient space to copy the files. I thought of deleting few files from pen drive to add copied files. But in place of removing unnecessary files, mistakenly I have deleted important files from pen drive. Is there any possible way that could help me to get back those deleted files from pen drive on Windows 8 system?”

Pen drive is a convenient device to store files as well as to transfer them to your computer. However like storage media even pen drive has the risk of losing data saved on it and one example is explained in detailed above. Since Pen drive is an external storage device, Windows 8 system will not transfer deleted files to Recycle Bin as this option is not enabled for external storage devices. Beside above situation there exist various instances for erasing vital files from pen drive as follows:

  • Copying files from pen drive and deleting them before pasting to the specific location on your Windows 8 computer will remove them from pen drive
  • At the time of searching for files using Command Prompt on Windows 8 computer, you may mistakenly erase vital files stored in pen drive
  • Scanning pen drive on Windows 8 computer as soon as you connect it could induce file deletion in case files are infected with dangerous viruses
  • While ejecting pen drive from Windows 8 computer, you might accidentally click on “Format” option. Choosing this option will delete complete data from pen drive

Pen drive deleted File Recovery

Few pen drive comes with “Backup” button so whenever you connect pen drive to Windows 8 computer, you are suggested to click on this button which will automatically create another copy of the files present in pen drive. However, few users do not utilize it or sometimes they cannot backup the data due to lack of backup button in pen drive. Don’t be sad in that situation as it is always possible to restore deleted data from pen drive with the use of secured recovery software named Yodot File Recovery. You can successfully achieve complete recovery of files with the use of this application. It will display desired file types on a screen and you can find and select required one without adding them separately. Also, it facilitates “Mark all” option using which you can mark all files without needing to select files one by one. It is possible to recover deleted PDF files from pen drive along with Microsoft Office documents (DOC, DOCX, XLXS, MDB, PST, etc.) and few media files (only generic) irrespective of their size. Further you can execute this application not only on Windows 8, but on other operating system versions such as Windows Server 2003, 2008, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and latest Windows 8.1.

Simple steps to get data from pen drive on Windows 8

  • Connect pen drive to your Windows 8 computer and wait till it gets displayed as a drive on Windows explorer
  • Download and install File Recovery tool
  • Run the software and go as per the guidelines given on-screen
  • Main screen shows two options which are “Deleted File Recovery” and “Lost File Recovery”
  • Choose first option to restore deleted files from pen drive
  • Select the drive that indicates your pen drive and allow it to scan by just clicking on “Next” option
  • Select required files from the list and then check it using two view types
  • Finally save retrieved files in a safe and desired location on your Windows 8 computer

Valuable Points:

  • Frequently transfer necessary data from pen drive to Windows 8 computer in order to keep it as a backup copy
  • Cross verify before deleting any files from pen drive on Windows 8 computer

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