How to Get Deleted Outlook Files on Windows 7?

Mail account data in Microsoft Outlook is saved in different file types. Configuring Outlook with Exchange Server to work offline will save mail data in Offline Storage Table - OST format, while online mode configuration saves data in Personal Storage Table - PST file format. These two files contain emails, personal email folders, tasks, contacts, signature, calendar items, journals, notes and many other mail attributes. Apart from these two files, Outlook also comprises other files, they are:

  • Personal address book (PAB)
  • Office Address book (OAB)
  • Outlook Navigate Pane settings (XML)
  • Registered Microsoft Exchange Extensions (DAT)
  • Signatures (RTF, TXT, HTM)
  • Templates (OFT)
  • Send/Receive Settings (SRS)

All these MS Outlook files are saved in Microsoft Outlook folder under ‘USERS’ in C drive on Windows 7 system. Outlook files are separate for each user on Windows 7 computer. Also, If user makes use of Outlook Express, mail data will be saved as DBX files. When any of the Outlook files are accidentally or intentionally erased from Windows 7 desktop, user may either lose valuable mail data or face unexpected failure of Outlook application. Different situations in which Outlook files can get deleted from Windows 7 PC are described here:

  • When system is accessed by unauthorized user, chances of accidental deletion of any files including Outlook files is high
  • Deleting any user account from Windows 7 along with its files by admin will erase all files along with Outlook files of that user
  • Navigating through Microsoft\Outlook folder in C drive to have look at different files it includes and ending up in removing any files unintentionally

In these instances, chances of recovering Outlook files manually are very less depending on deletion process. However, use of online file restoration software soon after deletion can assure successful recovery of deleted Outlook files on Windows 7.

Which is the best utility to retrieve Outlook files?

To attain quick retrieval of deleted Outlook files on Windows 7 system, one can make use of Yodot File Recovery program. This tool has predefined read-only strategies to scan and extract files of various types. It can restore deleted or even lost PST, OST, SRS, XML, PAB, OAB, RTF, TXT, DBX, DOC, XLSX, PPT, PDF, ZIP, RAR, IMG, JPG, PNG and much more files from Windows 7 PC. Apart from deleted files, this application supports to get back folders that are missing and deleted from Windows 7 system. Along with Windows 7, it even recovers deleted files from Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2008 and 2003 operating desktops and laptops. This eminent utility also helps file recovery from USB pen drive, portable HDD, memory cards, SSD and other commonly used storage devices.

Guidelines to extract erased files in Outlook on Windows 7:

  • First, download and install Recover erased files software on your Windows 7 system
  • Run the utility and wait for main screen to appear
  • Now, hit on ‘Deleted File Recovery’ option and select the drive (usually C drive or respective drive that holds Outlook files) to scan
  • Next screen shows al restorable files along with its details in two view types ‘Data View’ and ‘File Type View’
  • You can use ‘Show Deleted’ option to the top of the window to have clear look at deleted files that are recoverable
  • After confirmation of successful recovery save recovery session to a destination location on Windows 7
  • From recovery session, mark required Outlook files to be saved and click on Save option

Notable Tips:

  • Do not try to access any files from Outlook folder in C drive to avoid deletion
  • Before confirming deletion of any files, verify whether right files are selected
  • System admin should confirm from the user before deleting his / her account and its files

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