Restore Deleted User Folder from Windows 8

“I thought of creating new user account with admin privileges on Windows 8 system, so I deleted old user account and respective user folder as well as enabled “Keep Files” option in order to access data from deleted user folder. However, after creating new Windows 8 user profile when I checked backup copy of old user folder unfortunately it was empty. I don’t have restore point to recover deleted user folder data. Even, Windows 8 Recycle Bin was empty! How should I recover deleted user folder from Windows 8 hard drive? Please help me!”

Often Windows 8 users may face this kind of unpleasant events and lose access to valuable data stored in deleted user account folder. Usually user folder resides in primary partition i.e. C: Drive on Windows 8 PC, it includes complete files and folders stored by respective user. However, overtime Windows 8 users might delete complete user account unintentionally or intentionally without previous backup and suffer from huge amount of data loss. User folder also get erased from Windows 8 system after accidental formatting of hard drive and severe virus attack.

How to recover deleted user folder from Windows 8 computer?

In reality when you delete a user folder on Windows 8, the operating system no longer identifies its address pointer on file system table. Whereas deleted Windows 8 user folders data is still present on its original storage location on hard drive, by making use of accurate file retrieval application you can rescue deleted user folder along with essential data preserved in it from Windows 8 system.

Deleted user folder recovery tool:

Yodot File Recovery is a resourceful file restoration program with the assistance of which you can recover deleted user folder from Windows 8 computer. This software rigorously scans Windows 8 hard drive to identify deleted user folder and retrieve its data easily. Using this tool, you can efficiently recover deleted / missing user folder including MS Office documents, media files, compressed files, text files and many more on Windows 8 system. Along with deleted Windows 8 user folder, you can also restore hidden folders on Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows 2008, Windows 2003, Windows Vista and Windows XP OS based systems. On the other hand, one can bring back files / folders from external hard drives, pen drives, flash cards, SSD drives fire wire drives and other storage devices.

Procedure to restore deleted user folder from Windows 8:

  • Download and install Deleted file recovery program on Windows 8 computer
  • Open the installed software and from main screen select “Deleted File Recovery” option to get back deleted user folder from Windows 8 HD
  • Then this application displays all partitions or drive present in that Windows 8 system
  • Subsequently select partition (Usually C:Drive) to get back deleted user folder on Windows 8 PC and let it scan
  • After completion of deep scanning of selected drive you will find list of deleted files and folders
  • Mark user folder or required files stored in it to rescue them back
  • At the end, browse for new destination path to save user folder including its files on Windows 8 hard drive partitions

Useful Instructions:

  • Double check whether you have taken backup copy of Windows 8 user folder before attempting to delete it
  • Secure your Windows 8 system with valid password and anti-virus protection
  • Do not save new data on Windows 8 PC after accidental deletion of user folder to avoid data overwriting

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