How to Recover File from Pocket PC?

In this busy and hi-tech era most of the people want to keep complete data in their pocket. Isn’t it?? Well, according to user’s requirements most of manufactures are developing new models of digital gadgets with compact size and huge data storage capacity. One such digital component that occupied most of the user pocket is Pocket PC. Like full-featured desktop/laptop Windows systems, Pocket PC provides at most facilities to users.

Without compromising on storage capacity, one can store contact books, documents, spreadsheets, games, photo albums, log books and many more essential data files on Pocket PC. The limitation of Pocket PC is that it does not contain a standard Recycle Bin to store deleted files. However, one can download virtual Recycle Bin to store removed files in Pocket PC. But, if you install this file management application after deletion of file, then there are fewer chances to restore them back as it depends on durability of cashe. Therefore, sometimes deletion will lead to permanent removal of files from Pocket PC.

Let us discuss scenarios, where you might delete or lose files from Pocket PC:

  • Formatting: By mistake if you select “Format” option in Pocket PC, then entire files preserved in it get wiped out within few instances
  • Third party tool: Installing unsecure tools might result in deletion of files saved on Pocket PC
  • Corruption Issues: Due to harmful virus attack, software conflicts, file system corruption and other related issues files stored in Pocket PC become inaccessible and can get lost

These unexpected scenarios might cause deletion or loss of files from Pocket PC and if you don’t have multiple copies of erased files, then don’t worry!! In case you come across with any of the previously conversed scenarios, then make use of Pocket PC file retrieval tool such as Yodot File Recovery to rescue missing or erased files on Windows OS.

Pocket PC File Recovery software:

Yodot File Recovery software successfully regains missing or lost files from Pocket PC on Windows system. This tool can bring back various files such as documents, log books, calendar items and other from Pocket PC in few minutes. The program is designed with creative algorithms, simple interface, read-only option and lot more features to provide safe and sound recovery of files from Pocket PC. In addition, you can regain deleted or lost files from hard drives, pen drives, memory cards, portable hard drive and other devices. This application works well with Windows 8, windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2008 and 2003 operating systems.

Steps to bring back erased or lost files on Pocket PC:

  • Connect affected Pocket PC to healthy Windows system
  • Download and install Yodot File Recovery program to that Windows computer
  • Setup the tool based on main screen guiding information
  • Main screen contains two options such as  “Deleted File Recovery” and “Lost File Recovery”
  • Select any of the options to retrieve files based on data loss scenario that you have faced in your Pocket PC
  • Now the application provides all the drives present in that Windows PC
  • Choose the drive that represents Pocket PC to bring back deleted or missing files
  • The tool scans selected Pocket PC drive and display list of files
  • Select the required files from the list of rescued files
  • Finally, save them to your chosen destination location using “Save” button but not to the same Pocket PC device

Valuable Tips:

  • Backup your essential files of Pocket PC on some other storage devices
  • Verify twice your selected redundant files before deleting them from Pocket PC
  • Avoid storing new data on Pocket PC after data loss in order to prevent overwriting of lost data