How to Get Back Data from Transcend Pen Drive?

“Few days back I had bought new Transcend pen drive having 32 GB of storage capacity to store all my music files and other work related documents. In the mean time, one of my cousins borrowed my pen drive stating about some urgent work. As soon as he connected my Transcend pen drive to his laptop, it showed error message stating that the file system is not recognized and have to format the drive. As he was in a hurry he clicked on ‘Yes’ button and formatted the pen drive. Within a second entire the data was gone. What to do now? My year long collection of all the music files and more importantly my entire office work that was stored in it is gone. How to recover my lost data now? Please help”

Data loss occurs in Transcend Pen Drive due to:

  • Power fluctuations or sudden loss of power which results in abrupt system shutdown can lead to loss of data from Transcend pen drive that is connected to the system
  • There are chances that Transcend pen drive may get infected due to virus, which corrupts its file system, that blocks access to all the files stored in it
  • Accidental formatting of the pen drive while trying to create partitions in the hard drive can also cause loss of entire information saved on it
  • Improper termination, i.e. following improper procedure for system shutdown when some of the files that are present in Transcend pen drive are still in use

About Transcend Pen Drive Data Recovery:

Yodot File Recovery is the safest application that can be used to retrieve Transcend pen drive data on any Windows operating system without much trouble. One of the most attractive features of Yodot File Recovery utility is that it allows recovery of files that are lost or deleted from Transcend pen drive in a minimum amount of time. Apart from that it lists the restored data in a relevant order as per the users requirement based on the name, size, date in which it was created, different signatures that are used with it and so on. The best part of this tool is that it is a read only application built with read-only algorithms that allows you to get back data not only from Transcend pen drive but also from HP, Kingston, Lexar, SanDisk etc models of pen drive. Download the demo version of the application and evaluate the chances of restoring various data. Once satisfied with the results purchase the key to get access for full version of the tool.

Simple steps to perform Transcend pen drive data recovery:

  • Connect your Transcend Pen Drive to a healthy Windows computer
  • Download and install Yodot File Recovery software on that system
  • Run the software and start the recovery process by going through the instructions on the screen
  • You can see two options, namely Deleted File Recovery and Lost File Recovery
  • Choose anyone of the options in order to proceed
  • The software now displays all the logical drives as well as the external storage devices that are connected to the computer
  • From the list of drives that are shown select Transcend drive
  • Now you can see all the file types that can be recovered. Make your selection for required file types or click on Skip to select all the file types by default
  • On the next window, software displays list of rescued files in two different view types i.e. Data Type and File Type View
  • Select favored location to store the recovered files from Transcend pen drive

Backup Procedure:

  • Run a complete scan of your computer with anti-virus software to prevent virus infection on Transcend pen drive
  • Avoid using same Transcend pen drive on multiple systems
  • To prevent pen drive corruption, never connect it to any virus infected computer

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