USB Drive Not Showing Data - How to Fix & Recover Data?

Written by Lucy John on April 25, 2023

A USB storage device such as pen drive, external hard drive or other device may show empty when connected to a Windows/Mac system even though data exists within the device. This can happen due to virus/malware infection, drive encryption, and hidden files.

Here, you will find a quick solution for USB drive not showing data when connected to the system. Further, if any solution doesn't work out, you will find an easy way to recover data from USB drive that is not showing any data, with Yodot Data Recovery, a professional tool to recover data from any storage devices including hard drives, memory cards, pen drives, and other USB storage devices.

Imagine a scenario!!!

You downloaded some essential project related files on cyber café PC and transferred those documents to your USB drive. After returning back to home, you connected the USB pen drive to system and shocked to see no data on USB flash drive. Now, what should you do when USB drive does not show up any data? Instead of worrying about lost data, it is suggested to know about the reason and solution for such illusions. Let us discuss possible reasons behind USB drive that is not showing any data:

By chance if you met with similar problem and lost files from USB drive, then before going for any expensive solution here it is advised to try some manual method to restore files from USB drive displaying no data. In some instances harmful viruses or unexpected disasters may hide essential files on USB drive even if you enable “Shown hidden files and folders” option. In such situations, one can restore hidden files from USB drive by following below mentioned steps:

In case this method fails to restore files from USB drive, then make use of relevant file recovery software.

Recovering Data from USB Drive Not Showing Data with Yodot:

One can use Deleted files recovery application to retrieve missing files from USB drive that not showing any data on Windows system. This utility can rescue all types of files such as documents, presentation files, multimedia files and other files based on files name, file size, files extension and other related details. Apart from USB flash drive, it can bring back lost files from different storage devices like memory cards, hard drives, portable hard drives and other storage media on Windows system. In addition, you can extract files from formatted or corrupted USB drives using this tool. The software works efficiently on Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 and 2008 operating systems.

Steps to restore files from USB drive that is not showing data:

Suggestions to avoid data loss:

  • Make sure that each time you ejecting USB drive from your system using the “Safely Remove” or “Eject” option
  • Avoid using the same USB device in multiple systems as there is possibility of its corruption
  • Whenever there takes place loss of file from USB drive, immediately stop storing new data on that flash drive as its storage space may overwrite and thereby lessen the chances of data retrieval

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