How to Locate Deleted Files on Computer?

“After completing project work of my college, I have deleted all files related to it thinking that they are not required anymore. But now I feel like I should not have removed them as they contained vital information which was very useful in my future. It consisted of almost 100 pages in word format. Can anyone tell me whether I will be able to locate those deleted files or I am just out of luck?”

Accidental deletion is a common mistake and many people accidentally erase their files without even knowing. There are several reasons responsible for file deletion and above mentioned is one among them. In some cases, you may accidentally delete a file while trying to delete something else and in other cases, the file can get removed from your system due to malware or virus attack.

However, it is often possible to retrieve accidentally deleted files. But it depends on whether the files were simply deleted from system or permanently deleted from your computer. Permanent deletion of a file happens only when the file has been erased from its original location and then deleted from the computer’s Recycle Bin as well. Hence, when trying to locate deleted files, Recycle Bin is an ideal place to start. But if you have no luck finding the file on your computer's Recycle Bin, then try to find it in backup by following below given procedure:

  • Click on the "Start" menu from left lower side of your computer screen and choose "Control Panel."
  • Choose the option "System and Maintenance”
  • Click to launch "Backup and Restore." And then hit on "Restore my files."
  • Type in the administrator password otherwise click on "Continue" in case you are only admin for it

You will see the deleted files located in its original location after the restoration is complete. But these steps will apply only if you have performed backup of your files. If backup is not created, then you will not be able to restore your files from computer. This is the reason why there are several file recovery tools introduced on the web to locate deleted files.

Tool to find deleted files:

Deleted file recovery is one among thousands of recovery applications which will help you to locate deleted files without altering the original quality. It has been specially designed by considering all the file loss scenarios, so that you could restore your files lost in any situation. If you use this software, you will be able to retrieve data like PowerPoint, Excel, Access, Word, emails, DataBase, animations, archives, media files (only generic) which you have lost knowingly or unknowingly. It works perfectly to locate and recover deleted files from system hard drives, external hard disks, USB drives, memory cards and other storage media on Windows operating system.

Procedure to locate erased files

  • Download Yodot File Recovery software and install it in your laptop or PC
  • Follow step-by-step instructions to complete the recovery process
  • Make use of “Deleted File Recovery” option to continue
  • Choose the drive from where deleted files are to be recovered and permit the software to scan the drive
  • View the recovered data in two different viewing patterns for easy file selection
  •  Select the one that you need to recover
  • Choose the drive, to which the restored data will be stored

Precautionary Measures:

  • In case you find that file is not important, then create its backup and then go further to delete it so that if you find it useful in future you can restore from backup
  • Before emptying Recycle Bin, go through the contents present in it once
  • Do not disable “Save” option in Recycle bin

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