Recovering Deleted Files from External Memory

Although Windows provides the Recycle Bin to prevent the users from making a big mistake as deleted files may reside in Recycle Bin for a while; but the same facility is not applicable when file deletion is performed on any external storage device. When a user deletes any file from removable media, it simply gets removed bypassing the Recycle Bin; so you cannot restore that file manually. Fortunately, there are other different ways which can make it possible to regain deleted files from external memory devices such as flash memory cards, USB memory sticks, external hard drives, SSD etc

Before we go around the best file recovery solution to undelete files from external memory devices, take a while to explore certain factors which may cause such mishap:

  • User may delete valuable files after wrong selection of files when browsing them on external memory that is attached to the computer
  • On finding some files inaccessible that are virus infected, user can try to erase them from external memory
  • Sometimes users get their all files erased from external memory device just because of formatting after receiving format error
  • Interrupted file transfer using cut + paste commands may also result in same crisis
  • Anti-virus program scan could also result in deletion of files from removable drive without notifying the user

Best file recovery program for external memory!

Recover erased files runs on fastest scanning technology to ensure successful file recovery in minimum time. It has featured with a user friendly wizard to help users an easy and error free file recovery from external hard drive in simple steps. With this file recovery program, you have option to restore text documents, e-books, MS Office documents, audio files, images and kinds of files which have been deleted and lost from external memory drives such as flash memory cards, SSD, pen drives, external hard disks etc. One can restore moved files from external hard drive that went missing after incorrect use of cut-paste options, system shutdown or abrupt removable of external memory device from computer. It is possible to get back deleted or lost files from external memory storage drives that are formatted with FAT32, FAT16, NTFS, NTFS5 or ExFAT file system and manufactured by different brands like Seagate, Samsung, Toshiba, Western Digital, etc. This file retrieval utility supports deleted file recovery from removable memory devices on all the latest Windows systems.

Start deleted file recovery from External memory devices with simple steps:

  • Connect your external memory device to a healthy Windows system and download Yodot File Recovery program
  • Login in as local system administrator and execute the setup to install the application
  • Once installation is accomplished, launch the software to open the main screen where you will get “Deleted File Recovery” and “Lost Photo Recovery” options
  • Since you have to restore deleted files from external memory device, just hit the “Deleted File Recovery” tab
  • Now you will be redirected to the drive selection window. Select an externally connected removable memory device
  • The recovery utility will ask you to choose particular file types which you want to retrieve. Also you can press Skip button to allow the application to restore all type files
  • As you click the Next tab, the utility will start scanning that selected memory drive and displays a list showing all recoverable files
  • You can use Preview option to see retrieved file before save operation
  • Browse for the storage location on your computer hard drive to save recovered files. Once the destination is selected, click on “Save” option to save all restored files

Helpful Suggestions!

  • Do not save any data to your external memory after files are deleted
  • Be careful while deleting unwanted files from your PC when external memory it is connected to it
  • Keep your external memory secured from virus corruption as they can erase files from the memory

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