Get Back Deleted or Lost Files from Windows XP

“I have stored plenty of files on my computer that is running with Windows XP operating system. However, yesterday night when I turned it on to do some work, I could not find certain files in it. I don’t know whether I have accidentally deleted or I lost them for any unknown reasons. If someone is aware of the solution to regain erased or missing files from Windows XP computer, then kindly let me know”

There may be times like above when you cannot find your files or accidentally delete them from Windows XP computer. However, if you cannot find any file on Windows computer, you can restore them from backup or you can get them from previous version. Previous version is a copy of files and folders that Windows XP automatically saves when a file gets deleted accidentally from your computer. But, these two methods only work if you utilize Windows backup feature; however certain times, you may not remember to utilize Windows Backup option. Under such circumstances, if files which are missing from your Windows XP computer is of greater importance, then you can get them back using good file recovery software.

Situation when files gets deleted or lost from Windows XP:

  • Files from Windows XP might get automatically deleted when you download any infected file from internet
  • Usage of Command Prompt function to delete files from Windows XP would erase it permanently without being redirecting to Recycle Bin folder
  • If you use “Shift+ Delete” keys to delete files on your Windows XP computer, then erased files will be immediately removed from its hard drive
  • Accidentally deleted files will fail to get saved in Recycle Bin of Windows XP computer when you disable or change settings of Recycle Bin
  • You may lose your files from Windows XP computer, in case power failure occurs at the time you are transferring files from one location to another on your PC
  • Hitting on “Delete” option instead of “Copy” will remove those files from Windows XP computer which you were supposed to copy

Once files are deleted or lost from your Windows computer, it is gone and you will not get any manual option on your Windows XP system to get those files back. So, instead of regretting for the deleted or lost data, it is good way to download prominent file recovery software on Windows XP computer.

File recovery software for Windows XP system:

Yodot File Recovery software will deeply scan your Windows XP computer hard drive and displays files which have been accidentally deleted or lost due to accidental deletion, formatting, virus intrusion, power failure, improper system shutdown etc. Simple graphical user interface involved in this software will not let you to carry out file recovery from Windows XP system without getting struck at any point. It will automatically calculate number of files along with its size, created date and name so that you can retrieve your files in a smooth manner. It will allow you to recover various types of documents (DOCXLSX, PPTX, SXD, PDF, RTF, CSV, CHM, STC, STI, SXI, XLT, SDC, SXM, SXC, TXT, DIF, HTML, VSD, SDF, VOR, SDW, STW etc.); Photos (JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, WMF, SID, WPG, PIC, PCD, PBM, TGA, QTM, QFX, PSP, PCX, etc.); Music and Video files (ASX, ASF, WMV, AVS, MPG, M3D, WMA, AMR, AU MIDI, RAM, OGG etc.); Email files (EML, PST, DCI DBX); archives (RAR, ZIP, CAB, ZOO, RPM, JAR, ARJ, SIT); database (MDB) as well as animation files (FLV, FLC, SWF, ANI) without compromising with its quality. In addition to hard drive, this tool provides procedure to restore lost partition from external drive, deleted data from pen drive, inaccessible data from memory card, formatted data from external hard drive and so on. In other words, it can recover lost, deleted, formatted data from various storage devices. Just download free demo version of the software to recover deleted files from Windows XP along with those files which you have lost due to unknown causes. Other than Windows XP, this powerful file retrieval tool can restore lost or deleted files from Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003 and 2008 OS versions.

Procedure to get back deleted or lost files from Windows XP:

  • Download Yodot File Recovery software and install it to your Windows XP computer; choose the drive other than the one from you want to recover files
  • Install the application and then run it to start recovering deleted or lost files from Windows XP computer
  • Main screen shows two option which are “Deleted File Recovery” and “Lost File Recovery”
  • Choose “Deleted File Recovery” option if you have accidentally deleted files; otherwise select “Lost File Recovery” option
  • Mark on the drive from where you need to recover your files and click on “Next”
  • Wait till the scanning process gets completed and then select files which you want to recover
  • To make recovery process easy, it is suggested to utilize two view options which are “Data View” and “File Type View”
  • Finally save recovered files in a location preferred by you on your Windows XP computer or to any external storage drive

Points for Consideration:

  • Take precautionary measures about viruses and download any good antivirus software on Windows XP computer
  • Never choose command prompt to delete files from your Windows XP computer
  • Carefully choose option at the time of deleting files from Windows XP computer