How to Recover Deleted Files From Windows XP?

If you're concerned about lost files on Windows XP and seeking methods to recover them, this article is here to assist you. It provides guidance on recovering deleted files from Windows XP. For urgent file recovery needs, we recommend utilizing the Yodot File Recovery tool as an effective solution. Rest assured, this article will provide you with the necessary information and steps to recover your files successfully.

Written by Lucy John on May 22, 2023

“I have stored plenty of files on my computer that is running with Windows XP operating system. However, yesterday night when I turned it on to do some work, I could not find certain files in it. I don’t know whether I have accidentally deleted or I lost them for any unknown reasons. If someone is aware of the solution to regain erased or missing files from Windows XP computer, then kindly let me know”


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At times, you may encounter situations where your files go missing or are accidentally deleted from a Windows XP computer. If you find yourself in such a situation, there are a couple of methods to recover your files. Firstly, you can restore them from a backup if you have previously utilized the Windows backup feature. Another option is to retrieve the files from the previous version, which is an automatically saved copy that Windows XP creates when a file is accidentally deleted.

However, it's important to note that these methods are only effective if you have used the Windows backup feature. In cases where you haven't utilized the backup option, but the missing files are of significant importance, you can opt for reliable file recovery software to retrieve them.

Reasons Behind Data Loss in Windows XP:

How to Restore Deleted Files from Windows XP?

1. Using System Restore

2. Using Command Prompt

3. Recover Deleted Files from Windows XP by Yodot File Recovery

Key Points to Avoid File Deletion in Windows XP

1. Using System Restore

System Restore will restores your system files, installed applications, and system settings. Use this method for Windows XP file recovery:

2. Using Command Prompt

Follow the steps on how to use CMD to restore deleted files from Windows XP:

If the above manual methods are not helping you, undelete files from Windows XP with the robust file recovery software. The Yodot File Recovery software will scan your Windows XP hard drive sector by sector to recover deleted files. Download and try the tool now.

3. Recover Deleted Files from Windows XP by Yodot File Recovery

Steps To Get Back Lost Files From Windows XP by File Recovery Tool:

Key Points to Avoid File Deletion in Windows XP:

  • Take precautionary measures about viruses and download any good antivirus software on Windows XP computer
  • Never choose command prompt to delete files from your Windows XP computer
  • Carefully choose option at the time of deleting files from Windows XP computer


In conclusion, this article has provided valuable insights into recovering deleted files from Windows XP. By following the methods and guidelines mentioned iin this article, you can effectively retrieve your lost files and restore them to your computer. We encourage you to make use of this article and its instructions to recover your deleted files successfully

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