Restoring Shift Deleted Folder in Windows XP

windows 7 data recovery“Few months back I had installed Windows XP operating in my computer. After that, I also installed many applications in my PC to carry out office work at home. Last week, after I had completed my work, I wanted to move the data to my USB drive, but I faced a shock at this time as instead of using Cut Paste method, I deleted the entire folder using Shift Delete option. Before I could do anything, entire information was wiped out. I am hoping that I would get some solution on how to recover shift deleted folder in Windows XP system. Thanks!”

As we all know there are many ways in which user can delete files from Windows XP system, most of the computer experts prefer to make use of Shift Delete option, so that they need not empty it again from Recycle Bin folder. Sometimes there are chances that user may carelessly select important data from Windows XP system and hit Shift Delete keys that will permanently wipe out the folder, bypassing Recycle Bin. However, “Shift + Delete” is not the only way to delete the folder from your Windows XP system, folder can also get permanently deleted if user empties Recycle Bin without checking the files present in it. Other option is to select and format the drive that wipes out entire set of files and folders from the respective partition. If you are the one who have deleted an important folder using “Shift + Delete” keys then make use of Yodot File Recovery software that will assist you in getting back deleted folder from Windows XP computer.

Restore Shift deleted folder in Windows XP

With respect to expert’s suggestion, Yodot File Recovery has emerged as one of the most leading tool to perform rescue operation on deleted folders from Windows XP machine. By making use of advanced scanning engines, this utility can quickly scan the partition from where folder has been deleted. Using this application you can easily regain documents, photos, video clips, music files, RAR files, ZIP files, PDF files from devices possessing different file systems. Apart from performing file recovery after permanent deletion of folder, Yodot File Recovery application also provides secure way to get back lost files from hard drives, external hard drives, memory cards, memory sticks, USB drives, Pen drives, MP3 players, iPods and many other storage devices that can be connected to Windows XP computer. Suppose you get stuck during rescue operation from Windows XP hard drive using Yodot File Recovery software, you can get the support of technical team who will fix your problem within short duration of time.

Safe way to restore Shift deleted folder in Windows XP

  • Download and install Deleted file recovery application by using Admin account in Windows XP system
  • Run the program with help of shortcut icon provided on desktop and then follow onscreen instructions
  • Click on Deleted File Recovery and then carry on to next screen to select the drive
  • Upon selecting the drive, initiate the rescue procedure by clicking on next button
  • Scanning of the drive gets completed in a minimum amount of time, listing recovered files and folders
  • Restored list of files can be viewed in Data View or File Type View and then saved to respective destination location

Things to keep in mind:

  • Keep backup of important folders on separate external hard drive to overcome data loss
  • Always double check the contents of the folder before deleting it using Shift Delete option
  • Check Recycle Bin folder thoroughly prior to using Empty Recycle Bin option

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