Getting Back Lost XLSX Files

“Hi, I have lost XLSX file yesterday and I had not made any of its backup on my computer. I looked for that XLSX file on almost all partitions that were present on computer hdd, but was not able to find them. I think abrupt removal of pen drive from system when XLSX files were shared caused loss of XLSX spreadsheets. I will be sincerely thankful to anyone who gives me an idea for recovering lost XLSX files.”

Gathering all important information about a particular company or an organization through paper work is a real though job. This task can be simplified with the use of Microsoft Office XLSX files that is easily installed and used in almost all systems. XLSX files are compatible with nearly all versions of Microsoft Office utility. Most of the users prefer to save their Excel Worksheets on desktop or external storage media where tendency of losing files is more when compared to other storage media. To know more about causes that render loss of .XLSX files on computer; carry on reading this page:

  • XLSX files can be lost due to abrupt system shutdown when they are are moved from one location to another in system hard drive or from computer to external storage drive
  • Use of unknown applications to access your XLSX sheets in your computer can lead to loss of important data
  • Severe virus / malware attacks on computer causes deletion or loss of infected XLSX spreadsheets saved on hard drive
  • Use of Cut Paste options instead of copy paste may cause loss of XLSX files that are being moved

It is a well known saying that to prevent loss of data from hard drive or any other storage media, you must maintain regular backup of crucial files. The above mentioned scenarios are bound to occur at any point of time and if you have not taken backup of your data (XLSX files), then make use relevant file recovery program.

XLSX file recovery software

Yodot File Recovery software assists users in restoring lost .XLSX files that are either deleted or missing from system hard drive or any external storage drive. Apart from XLSX files you can also recover XLS files, DOC, DOCX, PPT, PPTX, MDB, PS, OST, DBX and many other file formats from internal hard drives, external hard drives, SSD drives, USB flash drives, memory cards, memory sticks and various storage devices that are available for users. It can regain lost or missing XLSX spreadsheets from variety of storage media on Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008 OS versions.

Steps for retrieving lost XLSX files on Windows system:

  • Download and install Recover erased files software in a healthy computer
  • Launch the program and follow onscreen instructions
  • Click on ‘Lost File Recovery’ option and then carry onto next window
  • Select drive from where user needs to get back lost .XLSX files
  • At last initiate scanning process, upon completion restored list of files can be viewed in ‘File Type’ and ‘Data Type’ views
  • Select and save recovered XLSX files to accessible location on hard drive or to external storage media

Useful Tips:

  • Make use of antivirus software that effectively removes virus, malware or other threats from PC hard drive
  • Follow proper procedure when XLSX files are shared on different systems
  • Avoid saving data to storage drive from where user has encountered loss of XLSX files

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